In general, the anchor tattoo designs symbolize the loyalty and stable nature of the servicemen. The different types of anchor tattoos have different meanings like safety, security, hope, dedication to god, salvation, honor and loyalty. By way of adding different elements in the tattoo designs, the anchor tattoo meanings are adjusted. Men and women who serve the US Navy use the Navy Anchor Tattoos that symbolize loyalty and devotion. In the navy anchor tattoos one can find either the US flag or the letters U. S. N. Those who have lost their loved ones while on naval duty also use the navy anchor tattoos. The anchor tattoo that shows a rose flower and anchor is a simultaneous symbol of loyalty, love, sacrifice and honor. In Christianity, roses are considered as symbols of ultimate sacrifice and according to the legend roses grew and blossomed very fast at the place where Christ was crucified.

Different Types of Anchor Tattoos

When the anchor tattoo designs have the picture of rose incorporated in them, the color of the rose also has significance. The red rose indicates paying homage to the person who sacrificed his life while on duty. The pink rose symbolizes loyalty and innocence. Since many people had lost their loved ones who were in service, the anchor tattoo with the red rose is very popular. Lovers prefer the anchor heart tattoos since this type of tattoos symbolizes a stable and secure love life. The heart that is shown in this tattoo indicates love, compassion and strong bondage. The tribal anchor tattoo symbolizes a person’s attachment to family. Tribal anchor tattoos are also related to indigenous cultures. The sailors are influenced by different cultures during their voyages. The Celtic anchor tattoos symbolize the different cultural influences of the sailors. These tattoos represent the loyalty of the sailors to various cultures.

Anchor Tattoos – The Symbols Of True Relationship

Tattoos with Emotional Meanings

The anchor goes deep into the sea and keeps the ship stable in its place. Hence the anchor is considered as the symbol of stability. Sailors the world over had been using anchor tattoos right from ancient times. Anchors also represent peace and harmony and the anchor tattoo is a favorite choice of both men and women. Seamen are fond of anchor tattoos since it denotes their close relationship with the sea. In modern times, the tattoo artists create unique anchor tattoos with different meanings. The tiny anchor tattoos are very stylish and girls wear them either on their fingers or behind the ear. The unique anchor tattoos are ideal for any part of the body. Apart from their aesthetic beauty, the anchor tattoos are popular because of their emotional meanings.

Anchor Tattoos – The Symbols Of True Relationship

More Significance to Meaning

The unique anchor tattoos symbolize stable relationships. These tattoos are used not only by lovers but others also to represent their true and stable relationship with someone. When the loved one is far away, people make unique anchor tattoos and dedicate them to the loved one. Anchor tattoos always symbolize true, stable and long time relationships. As a matter of fact, for the anchor tattoo, its meaning is more significant than its aesthetic appeal.