Fundraisers for schools don’t have to be all about selling chocolates and cookies to your family, co-workers and friends. Let’s be honest. As a parent, you probably don’t like it when your child brings home the envelope to sell calories and wrapping paper for your elementary school fundraiser.

Fundraisers For Elementary Schools Can Be So Much More Than Selling Chocolate

There’s a better way! Schools can appeal for funds with a shoe drive fundraiser. You never have to sell anything, and no one has to buy products or donate money.

Instead, your child’s elementary school can benefit from an event that builds team spirit and is good for your local community. With a shoe drive, grammar school parents, faculty and administration gathers gently worn, used and new shoes.

Your school raises money when it finishes collecting the shoes and gives it to the shoe drive fundraising vendor. That company will pay your school for the shoes you collect! It’s that easy.

Thousands of schools across the country have discovered how to raise money in a way that is simple and low stress for students and families. They have also learned that they can promote school and team spirit. They can help micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries, because the shoes become inventory for them. And, they can help save the environment since these shoes do not get disposed off in cluttered landfills.

Yes, it’s that simple. There is another way to successful do a fundraiser for your elementary school without having to sell anything or ask for money.

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