If you have a team of staff who are always working their hardest for your business, it’s obviously important for you to make sure that they feel valued for all of the work they put in.

There are so many ways to reward your staff for their hard work, and there are ways to reward individuals and teams no matter the budget that you have. Whether your business is large or small, there are options for any business.

Here are a few ways that you can reward your staff when they’re deserving of a treat!

Themed Events

Themed events are exactly what it says on the tin: events with a theme. These different themes allow you to explore different situations and places.

Themed events are basically just an opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy your evening. Essentially, they are a night out with an interesting twist.

Here are a couple of the options for themed events:


Ever wanted to mix with the best Hollywood has to offer? Don’t say you haven’t – of course you have, because we all have! Although you won’t bump into Meryl Streep at this themed event, the atmosphere is accurately recreated to formulate a fun experience.

Secret Agent:

Do you feel as though your inner James Bond is ready to break out? With the secret agent themed event, it’s all suits, ties, martinis, and dangerous foes. What’s not to enjoy?

How You Can Reward Your Staff For Their Hard Work

Award Night

For some businesses, a more traditional way of rewarding staff is the preference. With an awards night, you can have that more traditional reward that you want for your staff.

No matter what size your business is, it is big enough to have an awards night for your staff – unless there is just you, of course.

There are no specific themes for your award night, it’s really down to what you want it to be most. If you would like to have a relaxed evening with a couple of drinks, that’s certainly an option; If you want to have a suit-and-tie dinner, you can have that, too. The options for your evening are endless, and you can make it into whatever you would like.

Fun Days

If you just want a team-building day out, fun days are an excellent option.

What’s a fun day? A fun day is a day out for all of the team; throughout the day, you will, simply, have fun. This not only rewards the hard work of your employees, but also helps them to develop as a team. It also helps everybody to get to know each other a little bit better.

Here are just a couple of the options available for the fun days that you’re planning.


Who hasn’t been to – and enjoyed – a fairground? It’s something that we all do at some point throughout our childhood, and a day out that most children love. Well, with fairground activity fun days, you and your team can reawaken that child that enjoyed a day at the fairground.


Archery, clay pigeon shooting, and rifle shooting can instil a competitive, fun atmosphere into your fun days. This encourages the team to work together, helping with team-building; it benefits the business whilst rewarding hard workers.

Other than themed events, awards nights, and fun days, there are plenty of ways to reward your team; you just have to find the right activity for your business.

Using our ideas as inspiration, plan your own day; it’ll be beneficial to all of your staff physically and mentally, and benefit your business too. You would be daft to miss out!

This article was written by Jack Mitchell with detailed information from ATM Events. Jack is a digital apprentice in Yorkshire whi loves films, reading and the great outdoors.