We all apply for best jobs in Pakistan every now and then but getting a job offer is not a matter of daily routine. It’s more overwhelming when your most desired job offer comes in your lap.  It must be an excited feeling that you came across but that’s not all, you have to be very professional in expressing your emotions on a job offer letter.  Here is a guide to help while getting a dream job offer.

5 Guidelines To Handle A Job Offer

Greet the job offer call with all the positive energy: whenever, you receive a job offer call or email, always respond with gratitude even if you are not giving an immediate yes. If you showed dim attitude of rudeness they’ll most likely change their mind of hiring you considering your lack of interest in the job.

Do not rely on verbal correspondence: one of my friend recently get a job offer call from a renowned company and as a result she resigned from the company. But when matter of joining arise, the company went back on its words and hence the poor friend lost both the jobs and had to start a job hunt without being employed. There is a message in it. Don’t make your future depend on someone else’s call. On professional level, all the thigs should be recorded on writing so that no party can breech the accord later. Therefore, always insist on getting the job offer letter in writing. The written offer letter will have more details of the job and package.

Take a definit time to think: If you are not too sure about the decision and want to take some time to consider the offer, take a time period from the employer to ponder upon the offer. For this always decide the time with mutual agreement and give your reply back within the time window.

When you have a job offer, ask all the question you were hesitant to ask before: do not leave anything for speculations and the famous “we’ll see it later at the right time” this is the right time to clarify everything. For example what about the office lunch or rest room. Make all kind of queries which will possibly affect you personally and professionally once you join the company.

Negotiate on practical grounds: negotiation is an acceptable part of every job offer but one should not cross it. Mean  let’s say you had applied for a marketing job in Islamabad, and you told the employer your salary expectation as 40k and employer offers you the same amount, now at this point many job seekers think “Oh, I should have asked for more “ and they increase their salary demand. This is not fair to demand a price hike if you have already agreed on a price.