Achieving a Goal

Each individual life journey presents a need or an awareness of a need for goals and things we aspire to. However, setting the wheels in motion is oftentimes easier said than done. Learning the art of motivating oneself is the hardest obstacle we face yet it is the one most crucial to our success in accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves.

More often than not goals that we deem worthy of actually accomplishing are the hardest to achieve as we find ourselves facing hurdles and challenges which make it all that harder to hold true to what we want. For example, I started a micro-business from nothing. I had a dream and little by little built up the stock I needed for my business to begin trading.

The business took flight like a dream, customers were flowing in, and for weeks everything looked peachy. I was determined to see my goal through. Things slowed down by the following month and suddenly my conviction in my idea started to wane. I began to lose my motivation as well as sight of my dream.

So what is The Goldilocks Rule?

Facing challenges in the pursuit of a dream, goal or aspiration is natural, normal and even expected and will undoubtedly affect the degree of motivation you place upon yourself. However, it is also wise to look at the type of goals we set for ourselves. Whatever goals we set for ourselves we need to consider the level of difficulty and how we will best manage these challenges in the face of pursuing that particular goal.

And this is the basis of The Goldilocks Rule; that when we set goals with levels of difficulty that we can manage, our focus shifts and sometimes even declines. The easier our path to achieving our goals, the less motivated we become and in some instances the goal itself is so daunting that finding any level of motivation becomes almost impossible.

The Goldilocks Rule can be applied to just about any goal that we pursue today; from students to dieters, businesses to individuals, just to mention a few.

Applying The Goldilocks Rule and Learning to Motivate Yourself

As human beings, we love challenging ourselves oftentimes pushing ourselves to the limits of our abilities and endurance. This is the Goldilocks Rule in action and at its best. Learning to understand the need to find the balance between what we can achieve while seeing our progress is pivotal to the successful pursuit of our goals.

This will help you learn how to motivate yourself. When your set goal is balanced by your ability to achieve it, little room is left for questioning and doubting yourself. Your motivational levels remain focused leaving the path to successful achievement of your goals obstacle and challenge free.

Applying this golden rule can help in our personal development whereby we set goals that are manageable and can be accomplished thereby leading to our happiness and optimising a more positive outlook on life and any challenges we might face.

Cassy Johnson is freelance blogger, interested in casino games free and trance music.