We sorted through the mass application of fitness to provide the review of the top five. All these applications rely on technology to provide GPS position data and speed, although some can be adapted for indoor / treadmill use, as well.


Garmin Fit App (iPhone and Android) ($ 0.99)

Garmin is well known for its high quality, dedicated parking and fitness GPS devices, so it’s no surprise that this fitness application is among the best for iPhone and Android. You can use it during running and cycling. The application provides current speed, distance traveled, the road traveled and calories burned. The interface is clear and easy to use.

You can connect a Garmin ANT + adapter to use signals from a wireless heart rate monitor Garmin. The application also easily fit Garmin uploads all your training data for the excellent (and free) service to Garmin Connect online training log. So see your route maps and summaries of training in their own app. You can map and share routes and workouts from Garmin Connect, as well. The application includes a nice bar that controls the iTunes music without interrupting your workout data and control training. All-around, to 99 cents this app is a great way to go.


Adidas miCoach App (iPhone or iPod Touch) (free)

This is another application that that is used extensively, yet this application is not available for Android users. The miCoach application measures distance, pace, calories burned and time elapsed. Like the Garmin, miCoach is also a well-made control bar for music that does not cut checks and training statistics. Adidas miCoach has aggressively expanded its line, which now includes a unit for pacer treadmill workouts, and wireless heart rate monitor accessories . It can be set with acoustic warnings miCoach customizable (for the range of heart rate or rhythm, for example). You connect, store, analyze and share your workouts and statistics on the free online service miCoach.


Nike + GPS (iPhone or iPod Touch) ($ 1.99)

Nike simultaneously entered into iPhone apps and GPS technology (the company used to rely on accelerometers foot pod) with the introduction of its $ 1.99 Nike + GPS app. Like the other applications, the Nike + GPS App measures pace, distance, and location specific, and allows you to upload, store and share locations of a free Nike + site. Nike emphasizes fun and motivation, then you may also receive inspiration from the famous Nike athletes as part of your routine, set up “power songs” for critical parts of your workouts, or get a voice feedback on your pace. Accessories include the Nike + Nike + sensor for treadmill workouts, and a speed range wireless heart rate monitor.


Google My Tracks (Android) (Free)

There are a lot of Android OS smartphone users dedicated to Google My Tracks application, and for good reason. It provides a lot of functionality to the great price of free. With My Tracks, you can keep track of your progress on a map, and monitor time, distance, speed, elevation and in real time. The application also has a nice zoomable feature elevation profiles. You can also set waypoints with this application. Options include load Google Maps, Google Docs, export as GPX , or Tweet your link map. Google My Tracks is also popular with hikers and backpackers.


RunKeeper (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android) (Free)

If you’re a serious racer – not surprisingly – the RunKeeper application might be the best choice. RunKeeper goes beyond the basics to offer functionality for runners like interval training (including audio), the split times and stimulation target with audible cues. You can also manually enter training statistics if you do a treadmill workout that you want to save. Like the other applications in this review, RunKeeper allows you to manage your music without leaving the application. Separate hardware is available for monitoring heart rate, and application load and store heart rate data, if they wish. The RunKeeper application is supported by the monitoring, sharing and mapping service charge runkeeper.com.


Author Bio: Guest Post by Kashif Raza. Visit ellipticalcrosstrainers.org.uk to find out cheap cross trainers online.