You just need a PC or a laptop as a mean to work online. But for this your machine should be equipped with some healthy software which could assist you in your work. Here are five Android apps every freelancer and blogger should be using:

Top 5 Must Have Android Apps For Freelancer and Bloggers

Days Left Widget:

Android has introduced so many apps, days left widget is one of them. The aim of the widget is to help you in your work. If you have a burden of work and you don’t remember the exact dates. Help yourself with this shiny new little widget for your home-screen. This app allows you to set the due dates of your projects so your phone reminds you that how many days you have left to complete those projects. The benefit of the app is that you will never miss your project dates again. With use of this app you should plan your work in an easiest and fastest way. Days left widget is fully customizable and highly recommended for the freelancers and bloggers. Certainly the days left widget can be your best alternative to a real-life secretary.


Android, after a long time, has an official Blogger app that lets you publish posts and photos from your smart phone. You can grab the app from web-based Android Market the android app store.  As a freelance writer, blogger must help you to run your own blog for promotional, practice and business purpose. Blogger is another platform for those who personally use it. The blogger app allows you to start, and edit blog posts with the help of your smart phone interface.


When you are running your own blog you have to spend a lot of time to study on various different topics. The kindle app puts over a million of books on your fingertips. Kindle is the app for every reader, blogger, and for every freelance writer. Kindle is the book reader app and you can read any book of your choice, which is certainly a blessing for newspaper readers, magazine, and book readers. As a freelance writer, you should get opportunities by having a kindle app. Through the free kindle app you have access to treasure trove of information that can not only help you become a better writer, but also master the art of freelance business management.

Olive Office Premium:

Olive office premium is a software suit for Android devices which helps you to edit and view Microsoft office documents. It is amazing that you can create or edit new excel spreadsheets or word documents using this single app. The Olive office premium suit is perfect if you are a freelance writer who must work between Microsoft word, Excel, and need to deal with PDF formats. In addition to being able to read a variety of file types, you can create new Word and Excel files with the help of this app.


It’s an app for those people who want to run their own blog but are not able to type due to any reason. Here Swype will come to help you in writing. This is basically a speech to text application and can help to prison the ideas by writing them even in the situations when we are busy doing any other thing or our hands are not free. The app certainly increase the productivity. Simply say out loud what you want in print, and swype will write that into a text document.

From the above it is clear that your android phone assist you as it comes to managing and growing your freelance writing projects, and even when it comes to being a good writer.

Author bio:

This guest post is written by Simon Hopes who is a technology enthusiastic and gadget lover. He has previously written several posts for European brands such as Protect your Bubble which provide best UK iPhone 5 insurance to the iPhone users.