Patrick Imbardelli is an internationally known hotelier business personality and a thriving leader who has been in the position of MD and CEO at Imbardelli Holdings Limited, as of day. The most successful business management persona is also playing the role of President at the US based Symmons Industries. While Imbardelli Holdings is a specialist company and operating in investment business; Symmons Inc is a major manufacturing and marketing enterprise for exclusive range of plumbing products and has worldwide business operation. Importantly, for Patrick Imbardelli performing in these dissimilar domains is pretty challenging. Nonetheless, his 30 years long career in hotel administration has sharpened his management ability, business outlooks and manpower management policies.

Equipped with that acumen, intelligence and sharpness he is successfully and remarkably developing the investment market as well as construction industry related consumable items. He has established his supreme expertise to formulate necessary plans to keep the developmental phase steady even during economic depression, which affected the hotel industry massively all over the world. These are the things that make a businessperson more insightful, discerning and perceptive which are essential qualities of a business manager operating in global industry.

Thus, Patrick Imbardelli has been effectively translating his long experience and knowhow in investments, capital restructures and other business brands. In the role of managing director and as the key executive of Imbardelli Holdings, he has been focused on solidifying his group’s investment market in Australia, Singapore and Japan and other developing countries. In this position, he originates plans, coordinates with the board members and senior management associates; discusses his plans and business development strategies. Under his great headship, Imbardelli Holdings is investing largely in small industries, realty and property management business as well, in hotel industries.

When it comes to Pan Pacific Hotels Group, Patrick Imbardelli joined this leading brand under Pacific Group in 2008. Subsequent to his joining as its President and Chief Executive, with his effective management, within a few months, he brought several changes in its departmental functioning and management strategies. His earlier experience in hotel industry especially, his operation in different roles at InterContinental Group helped Mr. Imbardelli to a great extent to produce fast results at PPHG, Singapore. In fact, at PPHG, he was given the responsibility to take care of its both internationally known hospitality brands.

These are Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts as well, PARKROYAL Hotels and Resorts. While Patrick Imbardelli was focused on its future objectives, he made varied short term plans in order to flourish the group’s business with certain modifications and infrastructural changes. Strategies such as, developing widespread marketing plans, launching most up-to-date promotional campaigns, profitable acquisitions and taking care of stakeholders concern helped him magically to establish PPHG more strongly in different countries across the world.

The global presence of Pan Pacific Hotels Group under his guidance and leadership hoisted PPHG’s position in hospitality industry in a different way. With its fantastic performance and excellence in hotel management PPGH was nominated and received some prestigious awards from various major societies and establishments. Among them Top Q3-2009 Hospitality Index, then Top Q2 2009 Customer Satisfaction Award and ‘Winner in Luxury Hotels Segments’ for 2008 made the group PPGH one of the major appreciated hotel brands in the world.