Selling your apartment has never been as easy as it is today. With the number of websites and services, dedicated to this purpose, we enjoy a lot of advantages. But as the plus side has increased, risks too have not stayed the same. Here are some safety measures you should observe while selling your flat online.

Choose a trusted platform: For example, there are many websites available to put up Apartments for sale in Pune and various other areas. Some platforms have come up lately but yet provides better service than the older players. While choosing a platform, make sure you clearly understand their service terms. More active users on a platform is a mark of trust. Also, look for reviews and ratings of the site, especially the critical ones.

Create a safe ad: You are going to sell your property, so none of your personal information is necessary. Put details only of the property you are selling, do not include your license plate, house numbers or family member in the photos of your home. If you prefer phone over mail, look for services which provide their phone number. Some sites offer chat feature, which is a significant advantage for both buyer and seller.

Communicating with the customer: For example, if you live in Pune, you know it’s a populated city. Try to stay anonymous until you are very sure of the legitimacy of the other party. If you feel anything ‘odd’, stop contact. After you feel confident after early discussions, you can ask for his/her phone number. It is highly preferable to accept cash payment, also, get advice from your lawyer regarding payment.

Showing your apartment:  Here comes the riskiest part, you must take a plenty of precautions while showing your home. Before showing them your house, arrange a meeting in daylight and have a friend to accompany you. Always meet them in a public place before bringing them to your home, and ask for some identity proofs like driving license. When you decide to show someone your home, it is better to hide things that can be stolen during a visit.

The less you show, the better it is. Every detail about your house provides clues about your income, family and other personal details, which can be used by predators. It is a smart move to show as little as necessary. They should generally stay in the outdoors. Only if you feel the buyer is legitimate, ask him to follow you and your friend inside. It may seem rude to refuse if they want to use bathroom, it is not! Show them the nearest public toilet.

Paper works: Always have your lawyer in every step of paperwork, as it is the most vital part. Make all your terms and conditions clear. Do not let anything slip between the words.

Never accept any partial payments or any payment mode other than cash, and hand over only after you get the cash in hand. It is always advisable to cancel a deal than taking risks.

It is easy to sell your apartment, but mistakes charge a gruesome cost. Follow this points and never get careless. With these safety precautions, you are most likely to have a positive selling experience.