No one wants to get dejectedly bored or feel unsatisfied while being on an international dating site. Defeatist attitude should be avoided at all costs, the victory must and will be yours. How to enjoy this awesome life to the fullest and, in particular, how to enjoy the Russian online dating? Here is a solid piece of advice.


One of the most exciting and promising ways to enjoy online dating is to fully appreciate your current achievements and turn a completely blind eye to your failures. Maybe you haven’t landed the most beautiful Slavic lady yet, but you do communicate with a few nice-looking and promising individuals. Take a closer, impartial look at them. Sometimes ladies don’t know how to really put themselves in the best light on a Russian dating site and they fail to upload professional, impeccable pictures. A woman who looks unquestionably mediocre on her allegedly cool profile may be simply stunning in real life. At the same time, don’t be in total denial of possible problems or issues demanding immediate, deal with them. While addressing these issues, take some time to also appreciate the achieved results.

Some ladies may not be answering your letters. Don’t be bothered about it way over the roof, it often happens that a great-looking lady receives dozens of alluring messages every day and simply doesn’t have time to read all of them, let alone to reply. Try to achieve the best results, but at the same time don’t feel put-down or bitterly rejected in case of abismal failures. After a cloudy and rainy day there always comes the day brimming with bright and pleasurable sunshine. The best Russian dating advice is to always look for the bright side.

Always concentrate on the present moment, don’t make an imaginary abode up in the sky, live your own life here and now. In other words, focus on the immediate tasks at hand on each particular day. If you are a proud owner of the watch that has a chiming function, make it go off, say, every hour, to remind you about the current reality.

Understanding the cyclical nature of everything in our life is truly important in order to have a full joy from online dating. Even if you are upset that a certain lady didn’t respond to you even after viewing your carefully filled out profile, you can be sure that there will be other equally stunning, young and mature ladies who will respond the next time. Our periods of feeling complete defeat and utmost rejection are inevitably replaced by the periods when we feel like real winners. There is always a bright day after a dark night. Knowing this little wisdom may incapacitate you to enjoy life even on bad Russian dating days, when no one seems to be interested in your formidable pictures and in your attractive personality. You may wake up in the morning the next day and find several messages from new ladies. The lady whom you have developed a crush for may finally reciprocate and agree to settle for a date. You need to be aware that negative feelings and failures are temporary. Ride through them carefully and enjoy new victories.

Another trick to enjoy a Russian or Ukrainian online dating site is to always offer a positive, unobtrusive attitude to people, even to the ones who are angry with you and don’t seem to think much about you. Even if someone writes or says some rude words to you, don’t attempt to reciprocate in kind, be extra nice to this unpleasant person. Don’t lie to anyone even if you have an overwhelming desire to do so. Instead, always openly say the truth. This way you will not feel bad about anything yourself, at the same time allowing your belligerent opponent to change his or her war-mongering point of view for the better.

Remain Positive Even Towards yourself and don’t Rush

If you really want to find a bride on a dating site who will be worthy of you and a nice, caring person, always remain optimistic even when talking to yourself and in your own thoughts. Positive self-talk will push you in the right direction, it will help you be nice and kind to other people. Slavic ladies don’t like whiners and those who always complain about something, and your optimism will ripple like water.

Take some time to appreciate the current moment, don’t rush forward like a mad racing horse. Don’t try to cover hundreds of various ladies, being superficial, shallow and extra-fast to all of them, because only desperate and ugly-looking women will invariably appreciate such an approach. Instead, give a change to only a few carefully chosen ladies and spend a sufficient amount of time with them online. It will enable you to make a correct and knowledgeable decision when you will be selecting the right candidates.