It doesn’t matter if you drive a vintage Ferrari, a 2003 Toyota or an Aston martin V12, the need to have clear windscreen and effective wiper blade is very crucial while on the road.

You cannot drive perfectly when you don’t have a clear view of the driveway, as such having clear windscreen while on the road is paramount. Regardless of where you are in the world, predicting the weather can be a bit daunting. To deal with the chances in weather, it is important that your heated wiper blades are always up to the task.

Wiper blades are not given as much relevance as other components of the car, despite the fact that they help you maintain clear visibility for safe driving. Crystal Clear Blades has the safety of drivers in mind. They are one of the suppliers of reliable heated wiper blades that guarantees clear visibility all year round.

Since different cars will require different types and lengths of heated wiper blades, it is recommended that you first find out the correct measurement for your vehicle before purchasing a replacement; keep in mind that wiper blades should be replaced at most every 12 months.

Wiper blade features

Wiper blades are equipped with some extra features to enable them perform better, here are a few extra details to look out for.

Winterized wipers

While traditional blade designs enable them collect snow, heated winter blades are built to do otherwise which is to reduce the accumulation.


Heated wiper blade cut through snow and ice more efficiently. The heated wiper can either be wired to your cars electrical system or connected to the cigarette lighter, depending on the car’s design.


Majority of the wiper blades are made of rubber or halogen-hardened rubber, but these materials would eventually still bow to the forces of wear and tear.

  • Sunlight can cause the rubber edges to breakdown overtime, and this can cause the main frame to come in contact with the windshield thus scratching it and dampening visibility.
  • Silicone wiper blades are very much around and they leave a clear water resistant layer that help shed water effectively,
  • Rubber and silicone are perfect materials for your windshield so long as they are in good shape.

Perhaps nobody would like to drive around on a snowy day without a windshield, as this is an absolute requirement. However, it can be increasingly frustrating when you do not have heated wiper blades to help you cut through the thick snow accumulating on your windshield.

Wave goodbye to those agonizing times, melt and cut through the layers of ice and snow accumulating on your windscreen efficiently, and ensure that the road is as clear as ever using heated wiper blades. One of the major benefits is that good quality heated wiper blades can work all year round, and lasts quite longer than the traditional wipers, thanks to its sturdiness and design.