Trading still conjures up the traditional image of the stock exchange floor crowded with people shouting as they bid to buy and sell at the best prices. Now it is a much quieter world but certainly more complex. Trading can be carried out from anywhere via software and the internet, but it is important to have the right platforms in place which are secure, reliable and with low latency access to the global markets. Firms need to confidently view and search millions of orders from one screen and manage orders along with smart order routing for high speed-to-market and best practice.

Faster Results With Connectivity Trading

Global trading is much more complex and the technology used in the sector needs to keep up with the changes and compliance requirements. Sell-side institutions are challenged by innovative connectivity solutions for buy-side and corporate customers to help access global markets while also automating much of the work of the trade life cycle. Connectivity solutions can help. These services can be on-site, hosted or managed gateways offering access to hundreds of trading venues and liquidity pools. This means financial firms have a global business reach at minimum cost, faster time to market and an easy way to add destinations when necessary. These connectivity solutions connect the buy-side and sell-side firms through this platform. It can automate work from executing trade to post-trade communication, analytics, statistics and audit data, for example.

Smooth Connections for Fast Trading

As news is instant these days and readily shared via the internet, on social media or news channels, it means traders have to be quicker to respond to situations than ever before. This is one area where connectivity really comes into its own. The markets connected through the infrastructure can scan equities, futures, foreign exchanges and fixed income classes so you can securely place orders and get instant, streamlined access to hundreds of market data feeds, clearing and other trading services. Connectivity is simplified to enable your trading business to run smoothly.

Post-trade, in particular, is undergoing a major shake-up due to shrinking trade settlement windows, new compliance requirements for auditing and reporting, and the increase in low-touch direct market access being some of the reasons behind it. Connectivity options need to react to these current forces at play in the middle office while also supporting pre-trade, post-trade, risk management and back-office solutions.

Single Point of Contact

UL Bridge connectivity platform connects brokers, exchanges, trading systems and other financial partners through a single point for all asset classes such as equities, futures, foreign exchange and fixed income. It can solve the connectivity needs of large, medium and niche financial services conducting business globally.

Getting the right connectivity solution is vital in the world of trading because markets are often volatile, and so a quick reaction is necessary. Connectivity platforms can link the buy-side with the sell-side globally to find the best solution for everyone, securely, speedily and safely. Stocks, shares and assets can be sold or bought from anywhere at the touch of a button.