A fire extinguisher is one of the most common things which you would have come across in many buildings. But do you know how to use one? One interesting thing to note about fire extinguishers is that all fire extinguishers are not suitable to put out all types of fires. There is a need for different types of fire extinguishers to check different types of fires. So, the National Fire Protection Association(NFPA) advises homeowners to use a multipurpose extinguisher that comes with either Class A-B or Class A-B-C labeling.

Fire Extinguisher Safety And Maintenance Tips

Go for a model that is big enough for checking small fires but not too bulky. The best place to store multipurpose extinguishers is in your garage, a smaller unit of your kitchen and an exit within your home which can be easily accessed. Go through the instructions well to know how to use the extinguisher. Some fire departments offer fire fighting training. Verify whether such training is available in your area. Make sure that you don’t store them within a cluttered cabinet or at a place blocked by furniture. It will ensure that you can easily use them in times of emergency.

If a fire breaks out in your house, you as well as your family members will need to evacuate immediately. Then call 911. Check whether it would be wise to try to extinguish the fire with the fire extinguisher you have. Don’t try to check the fire if the rooms are filled with smoke or if the fire has spread beyond a limited area. All fire extinguishers come with a limited amount of extinguishing material. So, they may not always help you to check large fires.

If you are confident that you can control the fire, then make sure that you have a proper exit route before you start using the extinguisher. First and foremost, you will need to pull the pin. To remove the lock, hold the extinguisher by the nozzle. Ensure that it is pointed away from you. Aim low, and point it towards the fire base. Then, squeeze the lever in a slow, even manner. Sweep the nozzle from one side to another.

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