The carpet industry is huge, both in terms of diversity in materials as well as diversity in the techniques used for weaving the fabrics.  All the rugs and carpets which we take home, becomes an integral part of our day to day life.  A rug eventually becomes the only piece of cloth where we can comfortably eat, sleep or play around. A natural fibre rug like sea grass rug often takes up the largest portion of the floor, rendering a mysterious aura to the decor.

There is a big diversity in terms of knotted, loomed or weaved rugs. Each style is distinct and has its own speciality. Let us now have a look at the various rugs weaving technique.

As far as a knotted sea grass rug is concerned the rug can have anywhere between 1-6 million knots, which roughly means 100-800 knots per square inch. Knotted knots take the highest amount of time to be manufactured and the average turnaround time is around 3000 hours for a single person. This time is equivalent to a period of 384 days.

Floorspace Sea grass carpets which are processed in the loom takes around 1-4 people to get the work done. Loom is beaten by the weaver which is then compacted and woven together. This process is known as flat weave. There is another way of making sea grass rugs which are known as loomed rug. In this process a rod or pipe is placed in the middle of the wrap, which in turn creates a pile. I order to finish the loops created by the pipe, the loops are either left un curved or made to have fuller finish.

There is a big difference between tufted rugs and loomed rugs. Unlike loomed rugs which are made using the loom, a tufted rug starts with a foundation cloth which is a pre-woven fabric with small quarters. The tufting gun is commonly used to create a design. The foundation rod in tufted rugs minimises the use of normal rug building structure of row by rows.

Irrespective of the weave pattern, colors also play a very important role in defining the overall atmosphere of the rug. The color aqua, sea blue and green gives an airy and summery feeling to the entire house which somehow resembles a beach house.  If you want the house to have a refined feeling then you should try using the colors cream, beige and brown. Chocolate walls along with white colored sofas and beige rugs give a very exotic feeling to the house.  Using upholstery of the same color would not only help to accentuate the environment but also gives a very warm feeling in a cloudy day. is a supplier of natural sea grass rugs and flooring in Australia. It offers customers various different types of natural flooring options, depending on their individual size and colour requirement. The company offers you the versatility to choose from a wide variety of design or get your own design imprinted on the rug and create a unique custom design.