Summer is just around the corner and there are many things we cannot wait for. Going out clubbing with your friends and holidays are just some of the things we have been waiting for. However, some of you might have forgotten how to dress because you have been living in loungewear for the past 12 months! So, here are several different fashion trends that you need to get on board with this summer. 


Monochrome is a colour trend that is very simple to do and it also looks fantastic on literally everyone. For example, your bottoms are white and your top could be black and vice versa, it’s really that simple and it will look amazing every time.

People might judge you for picking very boring colours but there is nothing wrong with a white and black combination. Put it this way, if you are ever in doubt about picking an outfit for when you are going out then go with the monochrome look. It will look great no matter where you wear it and you could go bold with makeup and accessories. If you want to add a tiny bit of colour to your outfit then put on some vintage jewellery. Getting the colour from emeralds or rubies is a classy and sophisticated way to bring life to any monochrome outfit. 

Waist Floss

Waist floss is something that was trending a few years ago and now it has come back. This is a trend that involves skirts having tie fastenings that come up around the waist to draw attention to the waist. They are often paired with crop tops for maximum effect.

They are far easier to wear now as well as being more comfortable. You do not need to worry about coordinating the rest of your outfit anymore as it promotes showing off your midsection (midriff) with some strips of fabric to go over your stomach. This is definitely a summer staple you need in your wardrobe! 

Open Backs

These are always coming back every year in the summer. Open back tops and dresses are one of the sexiest trends out there and are good at showing off your back tattoo if you have one. The bareback tops are great for showing a lot of your skin off and a good way to get a good tan! If you prefer your legs being covered then feel free to expose your back instead for a balanced outfit.


Bralettes are another trend that always comes back when the summer months come round and we can understand why. It just seems like the perfect way to show a bit of skin in a delicate way. More and more variety comes when they come back into fashion. 

These can go with anything you like as well. You can wear them with pants or you can wear them with shorts. It just depends on what the temperature is outdoors and what you feel like on the day! It also looks really good when you wear it with an oversized jacket as well. There are plenty of options with a bralette, you have just got to explore and find what suits your style. 


Another trend to add to the list is cut-outs. Dresses or tops with cut outs can be very dressy but also more casual depending on what you wear them with, making them a diverse item to have in your summer wardrobe. Nonetheless, it is a great addition to your wardrobe and will certainly be a great go-to for all sorts of different occasions!

Wide-Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are back in fashion and this is something that everyone loves! You can wear your wide-leg pants on a night out or you can wear them casually as well. Not to mention that it is a relaxed fit which is a perfect comfy alternative to more tight fitting or restrictive pants. They are usually made with an elastic material so you can enjoy your night without being uncomfortable!

Sheer Gowns 

Sheer gowns are a great summer item as they are thin and can be thrown over anything. If you are on holiday and you have just been for a dip in the pool, dry off and throw on your sheer gown. They are not too warm and they look great when there is a bit of wind. It goes well over a lot of things from beachwear to evening wear so experiment in the mirror at home to see what suits you best. Then, pack it in your suitcase ready to wear on holiday!

Glittery Clothes

Glittery clothes are one of the newest trends in the fashion industry in 2021 and it is a great way to shine your way through the crowd, literally. It is a great outfit to stand out and will make you feel so special if you are going somewhere that is a bit posher than your usual venues!

There are plenty of glitter clothes out there. You can get shiny skirts, glitter blazers, glitter tops and many more. If you want to be a bit extra then go for glitter shoes to catch everyone’s eye!


This is a trend that we did not expect but that is not to say we do not like it! Netted clothing is a bit like sheer gowns where they can go over the top of your outfit. If you want an outfit to scream summer, then definitely opt for a netted element. 

These go well with bralets and cut out tops and it just gives you an extra layer to your style. However, these can be quite revealing so if you want to, add a layer underneath, or just wear it as it is!

Fashion Face Masks 

Facemasks are what we all needed during this pandemic. Many people just went with the plain black facemasks or used disposable ones. However, more fashionable face masks are becoming extremely popular in catwalks all over the world. 

Many brands are adding their own style to facemasks, not to mention the number of people that decided to make their own with the tie-dye technique. It looks like facemasks could be around for longer than expected so if you want to spice it up a little bit then go for something a bit more bold. It is a trend that is taking off very quickly and will only be around for so long. 


These are a few summer trends that you need to keep an eye out for and definitely ones that you need to consider trying if you want to spice up your wardrobe this summer. Some outfits are more revealing than others but that is the whole point of summer if you feel comfortable! Either way, just wear what makes you happy and have the best summer.