Our fashion senses are in overload from head to toe thanks to all the glitzing and glamming straight from New York, Milan and now Paris Fashion Week. We’re following the clothing trends closely but we’re on those beauty trends like Sherlock on a hot lead. We’ve got our makeup brushes in hand and our beauty horizons ready to expand….and most importantly in amongst all the Dior gowns and Chanel sunglasses we’ve got the best new beauty trends from Fashion Week!

Braids braids…and more braids

Braids were everywhere this Fashion Week from the runway to street style. Most notably, Ciara rocked a gorgeous double braid crown while attending the H&M Studio’s fall 2016 show that we’re definitely going to attempt to emulate our next night out. We loved the less-severe style of her messier (yet still glam) up-do. Loose romantic braided do’s were also prevalent on the catwalk from tiny almost hidden ones peeping out at Michelle Elie to more severe and tight braids like the immaculate coifs at the Celine show.

Hippy Dippy

A chic version of the hippie look emerged at several shows this season. Think less Eric Foreman’s basement and more ethereal and delicate. We especially loved Louis Vuitton’s perfectly low-key tousled hair with tiny braids and exaggerated lashes…hippie doll perfection. Over at Alex Mabille, tousled hair made another appearance but this time with bright yet soft eye makeup. The softness of and casual yet polished look of the hippie look is one we’ll definitely be dipping into this spring.

Slick & Rocker

For those of us who rather slick that hair back rather than let it flow in the wind, there were plenty of edgier looks strutting their stuff down the catwalks as well. Gigi rocked the look with her slicked back and a line of glitter under her brow at the GiambattistaValli show. While we’re not sure the everyday is ready for a glitter brow just yet, we’d happily adapt the trend and do a slick do with a glitter eyeliner. YSL also had slick hair and heavy eyeliner – rock and roll and chicer than chic.

Effortless French

You know how girls on the streets of Paris always look so effortlessly chic? Hair perfectly unkempt, makeup gorgeously natural and yet somehow they look as if they could roll right into a club and not miss a glam beat. For lack of a better term, we’ve coined this coveted look the Effortless French and it too was one that made an appearance during Fashion Week. The girls of the Hermes show were the epitome of casual luxe with their au natural makeup and tousled locks.