Now that covid restrictions are lifting, weekends are now free to plan getaways, drinks and meal outs, but after so long staying at home, many of us have forgotten what essentials we need to pack for a weekend getaway! Whether you’re heading to see family, planning a romantic getaway with your partner or a fun weekend away with your friends, packing shouldn’t be too complicated, right? 

The hardest part of packing is deciding what to take, as this all depends on your destination, plans and the weather. Do a little research before you go away, so that you know what you need to take. Now is the time to start refining your packing and leaving behind all the “just in case” items and instead focusing on the essentials and must-have items. With this in mind, here are 5 must-pack items for a weekend getaway and some general packing tips. 


When you’re only going away for a few days, you will naturally be taking fewer toiletries than you would for a 2-week holiday, but refining your toiletry essentials is vital for not only saving space when packing, but also cutting down on waste products. There are some toiletry items that you will be able to get from your hotel, such as shampoo and conditioner, but you might need to pack certain toiletry items depending on your weekend away. If you’re going for a fun weekend with the girls, then makeup and hair products will likely take up the bulk of your toiletry products, whereas if you’re just visiting friends or family, just the essentials will be fine. 

As most weekend trips aren’t international, you won’t need to pack suncream or aftersun, unless it’s predicted to be really sunny and warm where you’re going! You can buy most toiletries at your destination, but packing them in advance will reduce wasted product and means you can streamline your choices. Instead of spending money buying travel sized products, a great tip is to get reusable toiletry bottles instead and use your normal products instead! 

Comfy Travel Clothes

No matter if your travel time is 30 minutes or 3 hours, when you’re travelling, comfort is key. If you’re driving, then wearing comfortable clothing can make the journey more enjoyable, whereas if you’re going by train or public transport, it can make you feel less restricted. It’s also a good idea to pack at least one or two items of comfy clothing so that you can relax as and when you want. Mens full tracksuits are a good item to pack, or wear whilst travelling, as they can be styled up or dressed down, depending on your preference. 

The Right Pair Of Jeans

When you’re going away for a couple of nights, you really won’t need to pack much. Before you go away, plan your outfits at home, rather than when you’re away, as you’re likely to be much less decisive if you’re faced with a few different outfits. For most weekends away, you’ll likely be wearing just one pair of jeans the entire weekend and dressing them up or down, depending on your plans. Choose items to go with and accessorise your pair of jeans, such as t-shirts and jumpers for the day and shirts or blouses for the evening. Add to this with shoes, bag, jewellery and a jacket or coat. 

Phone Charger

You’d be surprised at just how many people forget to pack a phone charger when they are planning for a weekend trip. Although you might not be on your phone much during your weekend getaway, your phone could be used for maps, phone calls, making reservations or messages, so this can quickly drain the battery. Pack your phone charger the night before to make sure that you have one packed and sorted for your trip – often if you leave it until the morning of your departure, you’ll forget it!

No New Shoes

Bought new shoes for your weekend trip? Forget them. As most weekend trips are heavy on the walking, you’re not going to want to endure the pain of breaking in new shoes. Instead of those flashy new trainers and sky high heels, pack your worn in trainers instead, or comfier, chunkier heels. There’s nothing worse than having to walk around in uncomfortable shoes or with sores and blisters, so by wearing trusted, old shoes, you’re saving your feet and weekend. 

Other Weekend Packing Tips 

Only Take What’s Essential

If you only leave the house with a handbag that contains your purse, some on-the-go toiletries and an umbrella, then you won’t need more than that for a weekend away. Packing only what you need for weekend breaks is a true skill that you need to work on overtime, but once you crack it, it can save you a lot of space and extra weight! You don’t need to take 5 different t-shirts for a 2-day getaway, or 3 pairs of shoes for a night away. 

Get Organised

When you go away for a weekend trip, you’ll likely only be taking a small bag, so being as organised as possible can really pay off. There are some handy organisation tools you can use for packing, such as packing cubes. These are really handy and allow you to compress your packing down by a substantial amount and keep everything organised by type. Then, when you need toiletries or a clean t-shirt, you can quickly pull out the right packing cube.

When it comes to packing for a weekend away, you want to pack smart and light. You won’t need to take several clothing options for each day. Include clothing that can be worn once or twice and which isn’t too bulky or heavy, or that can be used for different purposes, such as a dress paired with tights in the day and then heels at night. Accessories can transform outfits, so consider these instead of multiple outfit choices. Creating a well organised and packed weekend bag can really transform your packing stresses and worries!