Investments in IT infrastructure have to include expenditures on event management. Many software companies in this line of business sell managers that offer several valuable services in this area, including event log correlation. These software products provide significant benefits for any large company with a need to oversee widespread systems.

What Is a Log and Event Manager?

When an IT infrastructure grows sufficiently large, countless things are happening simultaneously across the network. Users are uploading and downloading, accessing files, reading reports and sending emails. Each of these actions is known as an event. If you want to monitor activity in your systems, you need software that will log all of these actions and store significant details about them. This is a crucial part of providing good security for your entire organization.

Log and event managers can do more than collect and store all this data. It can generate reports about these events in any format that you wish to see. It also uses active response technology to prevent threats from becoming successful.


The benefits of using an event manager are numerous. Here are just a few of them.

• Real-time Event Log Correlation

The latest event managers process data before they write it to the database. This hastens the speed with which you can troubleshoot problems and investigate security issues.

• Reporting Templates

These software products now provide more than 300 templates for reporting. Your console will enable you to customize these reports and tailor them to your needs even more accurately.

• User-Friendliness

Deploying these products is simple. The web-based interface is intuitive.

Managers of this sort have become common enough to lower the prices considerably. Compare some of the products on the market today. You can purchase security and quality for a minimum price with the right vendor.