There are many movies are going to release in this second half of the 2015 year. Many stories and casts are made fans enthusiastic to wait for the movies and their movie news. In the first half of the 2015 many movie hit box office and a few of them stood in hot places. Now the audience is waiting for the second half the 2015, they are excited to look at film lists to plan to go out for movies with their closed ones. So here is the list of the upcoming movie trailer, which are now available for fans worldwide. You can check the trailers first to get an overall opinion to which movies you should go.

Creed II

This is movie tell the story of the son of former world heavyweight champion Rival Apollo Creed. He goes the other former champion who is Rocky Balboa and seeks training from him. The trailer reveals the all the characters and gives glimpse of the story, the Sylvester Stallone acts as Rocky in this film also who trains the son of a great champion. The boxing champions and other Rocky film fans must watch this film.

Point Break

This film teaser shows some stunning action sequences done by team of activists, the story of we can get from the trailer, a young agent of related FBI joints with a dare and a fantastic team of people who are involved in some serious issues. He joins with them to catch them who are master minder in doing the unlawful things. The story is inspired by the 1991 hit “Point Break”. The trailer reveals some fantastic action sequences with beautiful screen play.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E

In this other action oriented picture the trailer reveals about story plot. A CIA agent joins with another person to fight against an unknown criminal organization. The film trailer shows old shaded camera play as it was in 1960s. The criminal organization plans to create nuclear weapons so these two combine has to stop them. The Screenplay gives it some decent 1960 kind of look as it require for the movie and based on the trailer we can say there will be stylish classical kind action sequences in the movie.

The Intern

This is a film totally lovable with any family kind of audiences, as the trailer details. A 70 year old man after his retirement, finds his time has not yet over. So he takes an internship in a fashion designing organization to get back into his own kind of life. He becomes a senior intern in that online fashion site who inspires other and boosts every one life.