Nowadays, most people put in a lot of thought in selecting the right kind of garage door for their homes. It is no longer just a piece of utility, but plays a major role in adding to the beauty of the house. There was a time when people refrained from spending more on garage doors. But, the scenario has changed now, because buyers have realized that opting for an inferior quality garage door is not a good idea.

Cheap garage doors – why are they cheap?

There seems to be a major price difference between high quality and substandard garage doors. The difference in price can be attributed to the following factors:

  • Cheap garage doors are made of low quality and sub standard materials which reduce their durability.
  • Low quality parts such as hinges, rollers and springs are used.
  • Due to the sub standard materials used, the doors tend to get dents easily.
  • Not appropriate for ensuring security.
  • The price difference is compensated with lack of warranty on parts.
  • Cheap garage doors are made up of sub standard materials which are often bad insulators. This may lead to higher heating or air conditioning cost.
  • In the long run, inferior garage doors may lower the value of the house.

From the above factors, it may be concluded that cheap garage doors only appear inexpensive at the time of purchase. In the long run, they end up costing more than the superior quality ones. The intelligent choice would be to opt for good quality ones, which now come equipped with the following features:

Level of automation

The new technology garage doors now come equipped with features, which can be synced to a smart phone or a tablet. This offers ease of operation to the users. These doors are also relatively noiseless as compared to the earlier versions.

Better materials

The traditional materials used in garage doors have been replaced with glass panels, hardwoods and brass coatings. These materials apart from increasing the durability of the doors, also add to their beauty.


In the times today, customization is the need of the hour. In every product or service, customers seek customization according to their tastes and preferences. Similarly, while choosing garage doors, people can now select from a variety of colors and textures according to their taste and the décor of their homes. The size of the overhead doors can also be altered as per the requirement.

Nowadays, there are innumerable options for garage doors. However, the factors which may be given primary importance are the quality and durability. It is on the basis of these factors, that there is a difference between high quality and substandard overhead door prices.

As smart buyers, we all seek to get value for money for every penny we spend. Opting for good quality garage doors pays off in the long run. In this case, it is important to evaluate the long term benefits with the price we pay today.