People are interested in harvesting and planting, but due to the little circumstances and limitations they feel little hard grow the plants. We can figure out a better way to plant the trees which are healthy and provides us some vegetables to eat in the little space available for us. Harvesting the vegetable at home can give us the better healthy vegetable without any artificial fertilizer utilization. This is the best way to have a healthy vegetable with little hardworking, we are sure you are going to love this plantation and watching the plants growing. These little plants will give a beautiful look and attractive when you garden them properly. Now let us see which plants we can grow in little space available for us at home. For this we require a best soli and a strong pot to hold the soil and a few sun rays falling space, after the plants start to grow, you have to take care of them periodically and supplying them enough water some protein based natural wastes like eggs, left over’s and other things.

Spring Onions

Vegetable Plants You Can Grow In Little Place Available At Home

Spring onions are first best options available for us which can grow fast. These onion springs are very healthy and easy to plant. It is just as easy you can pick them back, you just need a suitable pot and the seeds from healthy plants. Sow the seeds directly into the soil after you give a good mix of soil. These springs can go in days of time, you can pick them back after each reach up to 40-50cm, later the onions will lose their taste.


Growing potatoes is a fun filled task, a good firm soil is required for the potato harvesting. A good temperature is also an essential requirement for potatoes growth. For these potato gardening you need little bigger pots. If you want to use the fertilizers, mix them with soil before placing the potatoes. Select a well shaped, health and undamaged potatoes to plant. You will see the growing plants after few days check the root soil for the potatoes.


It is a very popular crop we can see in many houses, still it is not yet seen in larger no of houses who has good space. Tomatoes another easiest plants to grow, which can give you fruits of hard work in quick. For those you don’t need any extra facilities or duties to do. Just take a pot with good soil and little larger area, place the seeds in it. Start growing them, you can see the plants come out from the seeds in 2-5 days. A small tree can produce 10-15 tomatoes once in a batch.


Yet, this another easiest plant to grow, it has the same procedure as the spring onions. The reddish juicy beet roots can vary in color and sizes. You should make sure that Beetroots under the soil are grown enough before your chopping them off from the plant.


It is very healthy greenish leaf plant to grow at home. It is also very easy growing and maintain at home. When you place them inside home, it will give you a fresh, beautiful smell which makes you feel at peace. This will helps us many ways, you can just pick the leaves of the mint and use them in any dishes and salads. It will help in improving the digestion levels on regular consumption.

Other small plants you can grow in small pot are cilantro, chives, ginger, herbs, salad greens and mushrooms.