Starting an online business is not a difficult task but earning heavy profit need some wise approach. If you are planning to make money online then be cautious, the road is not that smooth. Maximum efforts are needed along with right set of strategies to attract the target audience. Here are some steps that will surely lead you toward better web marketing of you business.

Activities for 1st month:

* Get help from Google Analytics in order to gain right data for tracking purpose free of cost. Isn’t it a big deal?
* PPC is the best way to get speedy traffic at your website so focus right PPC marketing. You can adjust the cost as per your business needs and budget limits.
* Writing press releases and submitting to various PR directories is a useful way of hitting the right audience. There are both online and offline sources of press release distribution. Offline, it’s free but for online distribution you have to invest.
* Links can be bought from various link directories. You can select a directory that lies within your budget range.
* Local listing on search engines also helps in improving the accessibility by the users. It can cost you almost $30 per month.
* Blogging can also improve the situation as these help in getting your targeted customers at your web pages.

Activities for 2nd month:

* Commenting on blogs that are relevant your business will attract more traffic for your website.
* Social networks are the best place to communicate with your existing and prospective customers. Be active there. Facebook and Twitter are good options. It’s a free way that has become part of effective SEO Services.

Activities for 3rd month:

* Don’t forget to go for local options of spreading your business message. These are offline ways of reaching the target customers.
* Hire bloggers to write for your business. You will see the positive results.
* Get help of Yahoo Answers to reply questions regarding users’ queries.
* Publish photos of your offers and your business location at Flickr and let users see your real business existence.