Myspace is in the early stages of a comeback. And if your business wants to be a part of it, the time to build your account is now. The earlier your brand gets on board, the more clout it will have if the site ever becomes a major social network again. But what is the best way to participate in the redesigned site?

Through music mixes. A major component of the new and improved Myspace is streaming media—especially music. Users browse through Myspace’s massive catalog of songs to create their very mixes that they can share with their connections. If you’re serious about building a presence on Myspace, then making and sharing mixes is a must.

Making Myspace Music Mixes For Marketing

Here’s how to get started.

1.) Set Up Your Mix

First thing’s first. On your home screen in Myspace, go to mixes and click on “New Mix.” Enter your mix name and a brief description, and you’re ready to start mixing.

2.) Pick A Theme

What’s your brand’s image, and what do you sell? The answer to that question should provide you with with the general theme of your playlist. For example, if you look at Myspace’s page for background check provider Instant Checkmate, you’ll see that they created a Prison Mix. It’s filled with songs like “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash, “Back On The Chain Gang” by The Pretenders and “Do Your Time” by Ludacris. Since they sell arrest record information, the theme of the playlist falls neatly in line with their main product.

3.) Find The Songs

Now that you’ve picked what your songs are going to be about, it’s time to start actually choosing them. An easy way to do this is by visiting a lyrics site like Enter keywords that relate the your theme, and start browsing through the songs that use those words in their lyrics. For example, you were making a prison mix, you might see which songs had the words “prison,” “jail,” “arrest,” or “police” in them. Every time you find a good, relevant song, add it to the mix.

While Myspace’s archive of songs to choose from is impressive, they don’t have every song ever recorded. If you like a song and they simply don’t have it available, just skip it and choose another.

4.) Upload a Relevant Image

You can connect every mix you make to photo. Find a relevant photo, and upload it. For Instant Checkmate’s Prison Mix, they chose a picture of the inside of a prison cell.

5.) Share It

Now that you have a mix, click on the “Share” button to show it off. Now all of your connections can listen to some sweet tunes handpicked by you. If other Myspace users like it, hopefully, they will share it with their connections as well (thereby increasing your overall brand recognition).

Have Fun

People don’t go to Myspace to hear a sales pitch. They use the site to have fun, make connections, and listen to some cool music. As long as you take part in the conversation and regularly update your Myspace page with engaging content, it will be a valuable marketing tool for your business.

Richard Williams is a writer from Palo Alto, California.  He writes about social media, web marketing, and business.