The best way to get a part time earning is through blogging job. Look for the blog owner who pays for your every blog post. The payment will be based on efforts you made in writing the post. You can also get revenue through advertising  other company’s product on your blog. In this article I had listed down some point which can help you to get revenue through blogging.


1. Ads of your Product on your Own Blog

If you don’t have any idea about the blog than you can refer to any book available in the market which tells you about how to become a successful blogger, in this way you can earn through blogging. If your blog is in a particular niche then your blog will be the most successful blog. To make a blog successful you must post regularly and advertise your blog so it can build a readership with readers.

IF you have an existing blog or thinking to start a new one then you can setup it easily through pay per click it means the number of times visitor visit this site through referral links that much money would be  paid to you. Payment for just clicking may be just rupees or dollars. It depends upon the companies if the company has good goodwill in the market then they will pay you attractive money.

You can also sell your space left for the advertisement in the blog directly to the companies. Companies will pay you amount for displaying their ads for every month but the amount depends upon your website trafficking and your ratings because companies give guarantee to you for payment. Due to these reasons most of the company guarantees to pay you more when they directly deal with you.

2. Sell other Products on your Blog on Behalf of You

Big online e-commerce companies gives an advertisement of their product from your blog on behalf of you so that you can earn commission through referral sales from your site. There are some benefits to sell the product through your site. The main benefits are you don’t have to maintain the data of the selling products, such as rice, whom to deliver, storing inventory, etc. In terms of commission you will get for selling their items through your referral links, advertised on your blog. In addition to these you can offer many types of products under some categories through particular niche and you can develop a relationship with more firms.

3. Sell Your Own Goods and Services in Your Blog

If you have some product which you want to sell then you can use your blog to sell the product. A blog can be used to describe the characteristics of the product and answer for the question asked by the reader. Nowadays due to e-commerce i.e. electronic commerce people buy things online but by displaying or selling your product they will not charge you any fees like sites such as Amazon and eBay do.

It helps you in promoting your business in many different ways. By updating your contents and generating links to another site through your blog results in improvements of your website search ranking.

Many people till now have understood that blogging can be a part time source of income, but every person has their different thinking to run their blogand should know good SEO.