A help desk is generally a task carried out by a team within a company to entertain their customer’s requests and queries. Its main purpose is to help customers with their problems by proposing possible solutions.

A web help desk is an online help desk application primarily used to entertain queries of individuals and enterprises. The software is mainly operated by the IT department and can be employed in various support environments as well like resource management, human resource etc. It automates the conventional help desk activities and usually consists of ticket management, automation suite, reporting & optimization modules.


Zoho provides a set of applications for its clients to enhance their business productivity and maintain an efficient collaboration with their customers. It offers web based help desk software that empowers organizations and institutes to effectively manage their customer support activities. Currently, Zoho possesses more than 25 online applications ranging from customer relationship management (CRM), mail services, Office Suite, project management to billing, online conferencing and much more.

Zoho Support is an online help desk that offers exceptional customer services with its dynamic and robust features. Let’s have a look at these features one by one:

Zoho Support Features

  1. For effective and responsive communication with your customers, Zoho offers a ticket management system that provides a focal point of contact to businesses that help them systematize, prioritize and timely reply to support requests.
  2. By incorporating social media to its help desk, Zoho enables its users to cater to their customers using conduit they are comfortable with.  Now social sites like Facebook, Twitter can also be used as a medium of expression for businesses to offer help desk services to their clients.
  3. With Accounts & Contacts feature, businesses can promote requests for their contacts and accounts from any region of the world at anytime. It also allows businesses to alter the fields in contacts and accounts as per their desire.
  4. For businesses to effectively manage customer contracts and offer timely support; Zoho arranges for you the customer’s contracts and service level agreements that ensure on providing agreed support to the customers.
  5. Zoho’s assistance is phenomenal; it provides your customers a knowledge base related to different topics. It also enables adding a new solution to the knowledgebase by just a simple click. The knowledgebase holds solutions on different topics along with attachments and images.
  6. Alerts and notification feature helps businesses remain up to date regarding their customer appointments, tasks assignments, sending an acknowledgement note to customers on submitting request etc. It does all this by offering services like email, sms or even browser pop ups.
  7. For assisting businesses taking critical decisions or viewing a summary on different topics, Zoho provides reports and dashboard feature to its clients that help them in monitoring important issues related to customer support.
  8. Zoho also manages a product catalog for businesses to offer an easy and quick view of different product details like product name, category, price, warranty period etc.
  9. It has also designed for businesses an online customers’ support community that provides a forum to them where they can register requests, track new updates, find answers to their queries etc. Businesses can introduce a new look of their brand using real time styling, drag-n-drop rearranging etc.
  10. Clients can maximize their business productivity using workflow that automates the execution of different processes like request assignments, sending and receiving notices and requests etc.
  11. Security feature helps businesses ensure the security of important and sensitive information of their customers. By offering data access and sharing rights and even ground level security, Zoho Support makes sure that useful and critical data is safe and protected.
  12. Help desk customization enables organizations to alter help desk according to their business needs. With user defined fields, templates and allowing addition or removal of different sections, businesses can make help desk more personalized.
  13. Branding feature allows businesses to promote themselves among masses by putting their logos, choosing support URLs or email addresses along with virtual authentication systems.