In order to catch the attention of readers, an amazing, succinct and well-structured piece of content is a must. Then think up an attention gripping title. And the final step is to promote it on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

However, because of the endless amounts of blogs on the internet, it still may fail to create a hype. So other ways to promote the blog may be required.

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Go Diverse!

Use of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn for content promotion is widespread and predictable. But these are not the only networks for this purpose. You can also share it on lesser known forums and platforms. These have fewer audiences, but ones that are more focused to a particular niche and thus require lesser hard work to ward off competition and gran their attention. They are already here for content based on a particular field; the field that you cover.

Smaller Networks for Promotion:

Some examples of such sites include for business related and academic content, Tumblr for youthful, and thus more funky and revolutionary content, and Empire Avenue for small businesses and bloggers.

Add a Personalized Message:

You can use a short introductory audio message and thus convey your own interest, passion and reasons for writing the blog to the reader. It is more personalized than the text and hence more appealing. For that you can use Dubbler, available with iPhone and Android devices, and can be communicated with Dubbler community members. Then this message can be shared with users alongside a link to the blog. It’s as simple as that!

Grab Visual Attention:

What better way to tease the readers enough making them read the whole blog, then adding a teaser video. Applications like Vine can be used for this purpose. So you can put up the video on any social media that you use, and put a link in the text accompanying the video, to attract readers to the blog.

Vine is owned by Twitter. So the video will display when tweeted, as well as a link to the blog page provided, alongside hashtags to increase visibility. Also, Vine videos are more popularly shared than others.

Give an Overview:

To ensure the attention of even those who don’t have time to go through the whole blog, one can give a concise summary, using SlideShare. It has a lot of visitors, and has more traffic from internet users than other social media. You can then add a link to your blog page in the slide after you have piqued the reader’s interest. And similarly, provide a link to SlideShare and your other content if you want to towards the end of your blog. Thus the post is now visible on SlideShare as well, and can be shared on other social media too.

These are just a few of the ways to generate traffic for the blogs. These strategies, and the use of the latest networks sprouting up on the internet will guarantee an interest of the right people to your blog.

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