Many homeowners wish they could have a separate shower area, so the bathroom can be used by another person when necessary. If you are refurbishing an older bathroom or starting from scratch, you have more options to consider than simply installing a new bath.

5 Top Benefits Of Walk In Showers

A separate shower area keeps the rest of the bathroom dry, as the water is contained within the confines of the shower. It provides more aesthetic appeal and organises the bathroom better.

A walk in shower offers more benefits than a regular shower cubicle or cabin. It provides a shower area that is far different from the shower area of old. Bathing in a walk in shower offers more freedom of movement that you cannot achieve when you are in a bath.

Benefits of a walk in shower

Modern bathroom designs try to achieve an open look that can make even a small bathroom look spacious, bright and airy. A traditional bath occupies more space. With the hectic life almost everyone leads today, a walk in shower is the more efficient means to have an invigorating and refreshing shower without too much hassle.

  1. A cubicle that you can walk into does not have crevices and corners that are difficult to clean. A walk in shower, by design, is easier to clean.
  2. Baths are not advisable for people who use a wheelchair. When your shower cabin is a walk in one, it is very easy for a wheelchair-bound person to use the shower by themselves because one side is left open. All members of the household can benefit from using this type of shower.
  3. Walk in showers are quite durable and can last for several years. There are fewer parts to maintain and very few parts that are likely to break. When properly maintained, the materials used for this type of shower stall can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  4. It takes a long time to drain a bath, whereas draining a walk in shower is quicker because the water is not trapped in crevices.
  5. Your bathroom will have more space. A shower stall that allows you to walk in occupies less space than a bath. It is also a bathroom fixture where you can add accessories to create a contemporary and cool shower area.

Homeowners have more choices when it comes to separate shower areas. This gives them more flexibility when planning a new bathroom or refurbishing an old one. A walk in shower is a good choice when there are people of various ages in the family, because it provides easy and safe access to younger children and elderly family members. The shower stall can either be “walk in” or “walk through”. The latter means that the two ends of the stall are left open.