So you have decided to buy a new quartz worktop. You might feel a bit nervous with this decision as the item costs a lot. You don’t want to use it for a while and dispose of it later on just because you have failed to maintain its quality.

You don’t have to worry since you have made the right decision. Quartz is a strong and tough material. It can withstand challenges. You are certain that it will last for a long time. Of course, you have to deal with maintenance issues, but they won’t really be a big problem. You can even clean the worktop without asking for assistance.

3 Things To Consider For Maintaining Your Quartz Worktop At Home

Protective sealant

To begin with, you have to understand that quartz worktop surfaces are usually sealed with a protective sealant. It means that even if you use commercial cleaning agents that are quite harsh, they won’t affect the quality and overall appearance of the worktop. You just need hot water mixed with soap for cleaning the worktop. It only takes a few minutes. You will then see a shiny worktop.

Resistance to stains

Although quartz is generally resistant to stains, you still have to be careful. There are different types of stains and some of them might be challenging to remove. As soon as something is spilled on the worktop, make sure that you have it cleaned right away. It also helps if you take immediate action in removing spills with acidic content. Vinegar, wine and fruit juices might have negative reactions to quartz when mixed.


It is always advised to not put anything hot on the surface of the worktop. Even if quartz is heat resistant, it is best to avoid doing this. Place hot pans in cold water right away to cool them down. You may also use a rack to place the cooking materials once you are done cooking. Aside from heat, scratches could be another problem. Always use a chopping board when cutting ingredients to avoid scratches. Quartz is also scratch resistant, but only to a certain extent.

In short, you won’t go wrong if you decide to buy a quartz worktop London suppliers provide. Just make sure you are prepared to maintain its overall quality. Pay enough attention to the instructions on how to clean the worktop so that you won’t encounter problems. You might also have to hire someone to fix any problem if it is something out of the ordinary.

A quartz worktop is designed to last for a long time. As long as you focus your attention on maintaining it, you won’t have a problem at all. Start searching for the best worktop online and enjoy preparing your favorite dishes on it in no time.