Where we live showcases who we are. Our home is a reflection of our personality, lifestyle and taste and these are depicted in the style of home décor adopted by us. There are a number of home décor themes for you to choose from that can be as unique and diverse as we are. All you need is just a few authentic pieces that can be availed from any online home furnishing store to bring about a theme that is alluring and appealing.  Take note, what you decide to display broadly serves as an authentic statement to our guests. It brings forth a favorable setting that keeps us comfortable during our waking hours. Here are 4 unique home décor styles that you can consider.

Gothic Décor

The Gothic Design originates from the medieval period of Europe. It is characterized by an ornate but dark decorative style. This style of home décor integrates vampires, gargoyles, dragons as well as other creatures of the night. It may sound foreboding but it is indeed an authentic way to create diversity by amalgamation with other styles. Gothic Décor adds a hint of whimsy and wonder to your décor. You can find this style in sculptures, clocks, lamps, candle holders and statues. There are several artists that specialize in this décor and create beautiful looking art.

Egyptian Decor

Next is the Egyptian Home Décor that incorporates ornate sculptures, bold designs and intricate patterns from the Egyptian antiquities. This décor involves use of rich colors like bronze, gold and turquoise. So, depending upon your budget, Egyptian décor can include faithful reproductions or antiques. Sculptures and statues of Egyptian deities are also common. Other items in Egyptian décor include urns, mirrors, candle holders, vases as well as other home accent pieces that can beautify your home.

Asian Decor

Third is the Asian style of home décor that incorporates the design elements from Indonesia, Japan, China and Thailand. Of course, using any one influence could be enough but combining different design traditions bring forth a richer texture. Typically, colors like gold, red and black are used in Asian Décor. This type of décor also includes depictions of the indomitable Asian dragon and Buddha.

African Decor

Last is the African décor. It is not very colorful but is indeed very interesting. This type of décor draws its inspiration from nature. One thing that distinguishes this type of décor from others is the use of the continent’s cultural patterns and symbols in it. These patterns can be found in everything from its exotic art and craft pieces to its woven decorative fabrics. African Décor also comprises of several tribal elements like the tribal sculptures, masks and vases. Mostly, rainbow hues and natural earth colors are used.

Final Say

These are the 4 region specific home décor style that are all unique in their form and appeal. You can also consider homemade crafts Based on where you live, you can seek inspiration and use the decor to decorate your home, as you like!