Modern life is a playground of hazards and risks. There is danger lurking around every nook and corner. We have become habituated with these risks now, and have developed an apathy or nonchalance toward them. We are less observant of the various dangers that life throws at us every day. This leaves us unprepared for, and prone to, a lot of injuries. Here are a quick glimpse and reminder of the dangers we encounter daily. After all, awareness can prevent a lot of mishaps.

Making Online Purchases

We are living in an era of digital interactions. It is little surprise, then, that a huge chunk of our purchases is done online. The moment you put in your card details online or use your online wallet, you are exposing yourself to a possible internet scam. It is true that this is not the case for the vast majority of purchases, but you should also know that in the year 2012, the Internet Crime Complaint Center reported 289,874 internet crime complaints. This figure has only multiplied since then.

Not shopping online is not usually a convenience option for most, considering the massive convenience and variety it offers. What can be done, instead, is investing a little more time in ascertaining the credibility of the website and then shopping. Auto fraud is the most prevalent cyber crime, so be extra careful when purchasing automobiles. Be informed about the cyber crime laws properly.

Dating Online

Almost all of us at some point or another have been lured into the idea of online dating and meeting a complete stranger whom we have only met in the virtual world. More than 40 million Americans have dated online, and with the complete invasion of virtual reality, this number is only set to rise. It’s a great way to meet new people and forge new relationships. Some claim to have even found their soulmate online.

However, dating online also has a huge risk element that we often fail to acknowledge. Financial fraud, also known as sweetheart scammers, is one of the biggest danger of online dating. Rapes and sex offenses are also associated with online dating. Protect yourself from such situations by finding out accurate personal and professional information about the man or woman you are getting involved with. Be aware of the fact that it is very easy to feign an identity and appearance in the virtual world. Don’t get too swayed by the virtual identity, and know the real person before sharing any information.

Workplace Risks

According to statistics from Health and Safety Executive, slips and trips are the biggest cause of injuries at work. Slip and falls can happen at work due to various reasons. Wet floors, uneven floor surfaces, unsuitable floor coverings, poor lighting, trailing cables, unfixed rugs and mats, and changes in levels are all responsible for slip and fall injury at the workplace.

Most of us go to work daily and encounter these hazards. Your employer needs to take care of your safety on a regular basis. From instructing to clean spillages immediately, placing cable guards wherever required, providing appropriate lighting, eliminating rugs and mats, and providing hand rails and tread markers wherever necessary to provide adequate warning, your employer must make sure to make the work environment entirely safe for you. If you face an injury due to your employer’s negligence, slip and fall injury laws state that you can file a lawsuit and recover damages. This, however, does not mitigate the possibility of injury in a workplace.

Carpet Chemicals

If you thought the only harm carpets could cause was restricted to collecting dirt and dust, and smelling foul, think again. The carpets and rugs that you spread to beautify or protect your floors contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ozone particulates. These are dangerous because they can lead to heart and lung congestion and cancer.

Tap Water

The seemingly harmless tap water that we use for all daily purposes can cause severe damage to our health. Chloroform is formed when chlorine is added to water. When that happens, it results in severe water-borne diseases. Chloroform can cause cancer, potential reproductive damage, dizziness, perennial fatigue, liver and kidney damage, headache, and many other problems.

Similarly, fluoride is another component in tap water that poses a severe risk to your body. It increases the risk of thyroid issues, bone fractures, and lower IQ. The best way to protect yourself against these consequences is to filter the water in your home with a reverse osmosis filter.

Regular Clothing

Dangers and risks abound everywhere, even in the clothes you wear. Clothing made of rayon, blended cotton, cotton, corduroy, and synthetic blend polymer are usually treated with formaldehyde resins. When these clothes come in contact with your skin, it can lead to several health problems like skin allergies, rashes, fatigue and, in rare cases, even cancer. There have been several lawsuits against lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret for this very reason. Do your research and pick clothing brands that do not contain these chemicals or possess them in lesser quantities.

Dangerous Drugs

Drugs have become an inevitable part of our lives. From depression to cholesterol, we are popping pills for everything indiscriminately. Adding to the epidemic is the fact that medical malpractice, misdiagnosing, and prescribing wrong pills has become the order of the day. The use of drugs containing cortisone and prednisone can trigger dangerous side-effects like broken vertebrae, peptic ulcers, high blood pressure, muscle weakness, and osteoporosis. Statin drugs that are prescribed and consumed to lower cholesterol are serious threats to the body. Liver toxicity, muscle inflammation, and gastrointestinal disorders are some of the known consequences of these drugs. The dangers of everyday life are evident in the fact that the very drugs that are supposed to heal you can cause such massive damage to your body.

Be alert and careful of your surroundings, eat healthy and exercise and build your immunity so that you are resistant to infections and dangers in everyday life.