We have heard of re-fueling stations and companies but a novelty in the genre has erupted with the Petroleum Wholesale LP. This is a family owned, privately held distributor and supplier of fine quality petroleum to independent and individual gas stations, in Texas. They have associated themselves with big brand names like Shell, Texaco, Chevron, etc.

Making its foundation in the year 1971, as a mere two-station jobbership in Oklahoma, this company has come a long way and is now among the leading and fastest growing petroleum suppliers in America. Not to forget their innovations and contributions to the society at large. There are nine states in the western part of the United States that this company has expanded its hold upon, and is known exclusively for the wholesome experience it provides its customers.

Petroleum Wholesale LP have brought in the concept of hybrid retail marketing in the form of main street market, which is at present challenging the traditional retail marketing styles. Their idea of providing things of basic necessity for the customers who come to re-fuel or repair their vehicle, is an absolute cracker. They make all things, from clothing to fast food, to groceries and hard ware, available under one roof; with the additional features of Cigar stores, where even wines are kept for tasting.

The icing on the cake is that all these as well as the main purpose of the customer, the fuel for the vehicle, are all available at discounted and utterly reasonable prices. It should not presumed that the quality of the products and services are in any way inferior. In fact, they sell only the best brands and name products in every category of their stores, be it apparel or fast food or even hardware. They believe in giving only what is best.

The sheer hard work and dedication of the owners and employees at Petroleum Wholesale LP has been able to bring this company to a position that has no match for itself, and is a rare variety of its species. This is a hybrid retail store, where it is not just your vehicle that is re-fueled and tended to but you too can refresh yourself. This is a rare facility that is being appreciated with open hearts among most people and it is being presumed that in the coming recent years this concept is going to catch up like fire.

It is merely because of the convenience it brings forward that this kind of service is so acknowledged. It is definitely a comforting thing for many housewives too who are on the run from morning to night. They will be happy to be able to pick up their groceries while simultaneously getting their car all set for their travel back home.

This community of owners and employees has also earned their fame and recognition due to their association with globally recognized brands. This makes them very reliable too and does not leave any hesitation for people to make use of their services with a happy face and we could easily say that they offer re-fueling par excellence.