Just imagine how dull computers would be if all software developers and game creators used an identical or standard icon. Fortunately, this is not the case as many of us strive for originality and creativity. But how many users have a standard background image on their Windows desktop? Desktops are clearly far more interesting with personalized desktop and file icons. And navigation is also easier, as it can be very frustrating to find a favorite game shortcut on a desktop filled with hundreds of identical icons!

Software and game developers have always used icon creation software to inject creativity and originality into PC use. And it is for this purpose that Aha-Soft has created an icon toolkit that gives both home PC users and developers the power to create, modify and convert icons.

The Aha-Soft Icon Toolkit consists of two separate software packages – ‘Any-to-Icon’ and ‘ArtIcons’.

The Any-to-Icon software package includes an icon format conversion program, allowing users to convert more than a dozen image formats (BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, PSD, TGA, TIFF, WMF, WBMP, XPM, XBM and CUR) to Windows icon formats (ICO). Icon libraries can also be handled by Any-to-Icon, together with extraction of icons from ICL, EXE, DLL, SCR, IL, NIL and other libraries. Any-to-Icon has a wizard interface (as well as a command line interface) making it possible to convert multiple files in an instant.

Any-to-Icon offers a number of important functions to the home PC user. Firstly, there is icon creation: the home user can instantly convert favorite photos or images into 32-bit true color icons (Windows Vista style). It is also possible to extract icons from favorite games and use them on a desktop. Any-to-Icon even converts screenshots via the clipboard, automatically resizing and enhancing them.

In addition to assisting the home user, Any-to-Icon is an even more valuable tool for the developer. Powerful enough to handle multiple file conversion, there is no need to manually convert all software icon libraries for Windows Vista. Any-to-Icon does the job for you – simply select all software icon libraries, process them through Aha-Soft’s Any-to-Icon (selecting the sizes and color depths), and the process is complete! This can result in three simple sets of icons for Windows XP users, Windows Vista users and DOS users.

And this is not all the super software can do! The custom size output setting in Any-to-Icons can be used to create icons for presentations (size 64×64 and over) and much more.

The ArtIcons software package is truly a monster utility indeed! Users can create new and original icons from scratch, using professional image editing tools, shapes and effects. Users can also convert, edit, extract and manage icons and even entire icon libraries. ArtIcons can also import Apple icons and save them to Adobe’s PSD, GIF, and many other image and icon formats. ArtIcons is available in two different versions: ArtIcons Standard and ArtIcons Pro, which is supplied with an integrated icon library manager.

Using ArtIcons, software and game developers will never need to worry about how and where to get a new set of original and cool icons for their ‘freshly-baked’ slick software. ArtIcons allows home PC users to modify their existing icons easily and professionally, amazing friends with an awesome looking ‘My Computer’ icon with the user’s smiling face inside the screen! The possibilities with ArtIcons are endless!

Both software packages from Aha-Soft have a clear, easy to understand and user-friendly interface in multiple languages (including French, German, Hungarian, Brazilian-Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Italian, Japanese and dozens more). ArtIcons and Any-to-Icon both come with clear help files and other documentation. Both packages were developed to be powerful and resourceful for professional users (ie art designers, software programmers, web developers), while remaining easy-to-use for amateurs and normal PC users.

ArtIcons and Any-to-Icon are available instantly using a credit card over the phone, by mail, e-mail or using a secure order form on the developer’s website. The packages are compact enough to be downloaded instantly using a broadband internet connection, or in just a few minutes over a 56kbit/sec modem. The option of having a CD-ROM sent out to any country in the world is also available. Aha-Soft also has special discount schemes for bulk volume purchases, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Aha-Soft provides demo downloads for both Any-to-Icon and ArtIcons, with a fully functional 30-day trial period for the latter, and some function limitations for Any-to-Icon.

The world of icon creation and modification has never been so easy with Aha-Soft’s Icon Toolkit: ArtIcons and Any-to-Icon. Be original and creative, save time and money – try ArtIcons and Any-to-Icon today!

For more information please visit the web pages of Aha-Soft’s ArtIcons and Any-to-Icon.