There are three ways you can receive a signal to your television in order to watch sports, television dramas, or the news. You can subscribe to a satellite service, and they will connect your television to a satellite dish, or you can subscribe to a cable service to get access to television in that manner. However, a good television antenna will allow you to watch most of the programmes you like, along with live sports and local news on digital quality.

5 Television Antennas Used To Receive TV Signals

Types Of Television Antennas

There are five different types of television antennas to choose from in order to help you receive the available TV channels in your area. These five antennas are:

  • Indoor antennas
  • Outdoor antennas
  • Multi-directional antennas
  • Directional antennas
  • Digital HD antennas

Indoor Antennas

Among the most common antennas used for a television is the indoor antenna. It is also the easiest to set up, because all you have to do is connect it to your TV and fine tune it to receive a television signal. Indoor antennas can be set on the TV, on a shelf, or even mounted on a wall. They are good for people who live in urban or suburban areas, but radio signals can interfere with their reception.

Outdoor Antennas

If you want to get TV channels from further away, you would need to purchase an outdoor TV antenna in Perth. These antennas require more effort to install, and it should be done by a professional who knows what he is doing. Many antennas are mounted on the roof of a house or apartment building. Usually, the further up an antenna reaches, the better the reception will be.

Multidirectional Antennas

A multi-directional antenna is able to receive TV signals from all directions. Most indoor antennas are multidirectional, as are those mounted on rooftops. These antennas are best suited for heavily populated urban and suburban areas, because they tend to have signals coming from all directions. Many caravans use multidirectional antennas in order for them to receive signals.

Directional Antennas

Directional antennas only receive signals coming from one direction, and they are used mostly in rural areas to help pull TV signals from the nearest town. They have the longest range of all the antennas, which makes them well suited for use in rural communities. They also have the best clarity.

Digital HD Antennas

Since more televisions are high definition, a digital HD TV antenna is needed to get the most out of your TV. In addition, in many areas, broadcast networks are converting to an all-digital format, so this will allow you to receive their broadcast signals. Along with HD signals, these antennas can also pick up standard broadcast signals when there is no HD available. However, they cannot pick up UHF or VHF signals.

Choosing a TV antenna will depend on where you live and if you are able to mount an antenna to your home. With the recent change trend of people switching over to digital, most people now preferantennas suitable for picking up signals for HD digital TV.