Lessons That Small Businesses Can Learn From Big EnterprisesIt is not only because big players have bigger capital that makes them successful in the market. What people do not realize is that even small and medium businessmen can also compete with them since the smaller players can also enjoy the technology that these big enterprises have.  Here are some tips that could help your small company improve on productivity, reduce costs and run profitably like a big company should.

Check on your Desktops Standard Specifications

If you are planning on buying a number of desktop PCs for your staff, you should make sure that all parts and specifications are exactly alike. Some people presume that just buying the same model of computers is enough. Little do they know that upon receiving them, they find out that some units contain more recent models of video cards that are not compatible with their other peripherals. The vendor isn’t likely to replace these. Even if they do, it may take an awful lot of time to get replacements. By then this would have caused a big delay on your part.

To avoid this situation, check if all the specifications are the same for all of the parts you ordered.  Get a tech expert to figure out what models you need. Stock up on extra hardware so that in case one of the parts go south, you have a replacement ready. Make use of tools like Windows Inspection Toolkit or similar utilities that keep track of your system configuration.  Install drive-imaging software like Norton Ghost that makes copies of your basic system installation so that in case a virus attacks, you can easily recover your basic system.

Carry out Off-site Backups

There are two ways to back up your data: One is to copy your information into hardware devices like external hard drives and store them to your office or other locations. The other is to use hosted online servers like DropBox, Mozy or Box.Net. Big enterprises mostly use off-site storage because of the quantity of data involved. Small companies can also use them since they are more cost effective and very convenient. Off site servers can be programmed to do backups on a regular basis and host providers make sure that these data cannot be accessed by other parties or be infected with malware or virus.

Take Measures to Improve your Security

Most small companies do not give importance to their computers’ security and are more vulnerable to hacking attacks that may cause stealing of your customers’ credit card information and personal information.  Make sure that you do repeated password changes and hire the services of hosted security services that ensure that no hacker can penetrate your system and keep your information safe.

Improve your Phone System

If your company needs to change from a traditional phone service to a VoIP PBX, the benefits are very significant. Not only will it help you reduce costs drastically, but it also offers you the convenience in terms of call handling with a wide range of features like Internet fax, call forwarding and mobile application integration. Monthly rates are very affordable and it is designed to grow with your company.  Online systems are suitable for companies with remote workers or virtual companies.


VPN or virtual private networks ensure that their communications are kept confidential. This allows the flexibility of accessing all of your files on any of your web-accessed devices. Many of these VPN products are expensive but it helps you to save money in the long run. While other VPN services are free, opt to get VPN providers that offer low monthly rates since they have more functionality. LogMeIn.com enables your staff to have direct access to their office computers in the privacy of their personal computers. This is most beneficial for those who are working off site.