There are many hotels in the country which suffer from awful lighting. Did you ever stay in a hotel or in any other facility which entirely relied on fluorescent lights to offer illumination of the hallways or lobbies or other public spaces? If answered yes, you’re supposed to understand how important is lighting, for creating a welcoming and attractive environment in a hotel.

When a hotel is lit in a wrong way, it can make interior spaces look dark, garish, stark and sometimes even inhospitable. This is a sentiment which is usually avoided by people working in the hospitality industry. Nevertheless, with the appropriate light fixtures and with the best light design, you can effortlessly meet your goals both with regards to aesthetics and function. Here are few tips to incorporate best lighting design in your hotel’s public spaces.

#1: Washes of Light

One of the most vital aspects of lighting is utility. Whichever type of lighting you install, it should meet with your functional requirements. For instance, if you wish to offer sufficient light in public areas of a hotel to make sure guests can see where they’re heading towards, you should choose lighting which successfully caters to your needs. Don’t have a hallway that is dimly lit as this would lead to trip and fall accidents. Make sure the lighting design is general washes which offer enough glow for the guests to look for their way.

#2: There should be a focal point

There are few spots which need added illumination. You will want directional and bright lighting on the area of front desk. This serves not just as a way of letting guests know where they should head for checking in and for completing other activities like signing paperwork and reading. If there are seating arrangements near the lobby, you also have to add lamps.

#3: Aesthetics

As long as the hospitality industry is concerned, the top priorities are to make your guests feel relaxed and welcomed. Regardless of whether you cater to vacationing travelers or business travelers, you would wish to do everything that you can in order to give a comfortable feeling to your guests. Hence the lighting design should be able to do this through different elements like color temperature and brightness.

#4: Modern lighting design

In case your hotel structure is from some definite style or era, you may be eager to retain the vintage feeling the decorative light bulb which were common previously. Whichever type of bulbs you may install, make sure it impresses your guests and answer questions of saving utility bills and energy costs with efficient light products.

Henceforth, when you’re eager to decorate your hotel in such a manner that it seems to impress the guests, you should focus on lighting and the light fixtures that you install. Take into account the tips mentioned above and install the most adaptive lights for your hotel.