With Valentine’s Day around the bend everyone in love is fishing for that perfect bouquet of flowers to send to their sweetheart. Most people can’t look beyond traditional Valentine’s Day red roses (which are not that bad an option to consider though). The over-abundant, over-rated and over-priced red roses really diminish other interesting ideas and floral designs that can be chosen for sending Valentine’s Day flowers anywhere in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai or any Indian city.

Gifting Red Roses?

It is imperative that those in love understand the importance choosing the right flowers for their Valentines. When it comes to roses, and if it is just important to gift a significant half a bouquet of roses, one has to take the time to do some research about what types are available, what are the colours and denominations available, and would it be the right gift?

For example, the general rule of thumb which most people blindly follow is to send ten or twelve red roses set in a hand bouquet or a basket arrangement. No one considers breaking out of the box and sending just one red rose. The singularity of just one red rose clubbed with a bottle of wine or chocolates can speak volumes. Similarly, roses sent in bouquets of five hundred or thousand can be really amazing, if a person wants to show how much they are in love.

Moreover, while sending roses, it is important to consider if the gift is for a guy or a girl. With women, one can go all-out and choose from an array of flower options online for sending Valentine’s Day flowers to Kolkata. Whereas, sending flowers to a guy will need a lot of thought put into it. Ideally women should steer away from red roses while gifting men as they can tend to get a little overwhelmed.

Is there something more Interesting?

Gifting Flowers and Getting It Right!

Thinking out of the box is the key to sending a unique flower bouquet on Valentine’s Day. For those open to gifting other flowers apart from red roses, there is a plethora of options available online. One can research the meanings of flowers and their colours look into symbolism and accordingly choose flowers for their loves. Another thing to consider while choosing flowers is to check whether they are seasonal flowers, will they be delivered fresh, and what is the shelf-life of the flowers, etc.

Considering Valentine’s Day, one should choose flowers that are in season in the month of February, or look for locally found flowers as they have a longer shelf life. Flowers like roses, lilies, calla lilies, marigold, plumerias, tuberoses (rajnigandha), magnolias (champas), carnations, chrysanthemums, freesias, gerberas, daffodils, orchids and tulips are some commonly found February flowers. The online product category lists have different types of arrangements in baskets and vases, hand bouquets, and bouquet combinations that one can choose for online gifting.

Another major consideration is pricing. Who would want to splurge for the love of their life? But common sense tells us a different story. As Valentine’s Day comes closer, the rates of roses, especially red roses skyrocket through the roof. Flower vendors look at a hundred percent profit. That is why; it is wiser sending Valentine’s Day flowers by choosing online flower delivery options.