There are many who love to learn a new language but most of them have been kept themselves from learning one since they’ve heard about more reasons to not learn a new language than they could have ever imagined. In fact, they’re yet to hear any single good reason for not learning a language.

Then what are the few good reasons to begin learning a new language? Well, we know hundreds of such reasons and if you don’t know even one, you’ve clicked on the right post. Everyone has got their personal reason for learning a new language. What’s yours? Here are few reasons.

REASON #1: Opens up a new world of job opportunities for you

When you learn a second language, it opens up a world of opportunities and this doesn’t only include freelance options but there are many more chances of making money. When you speak two or more languages, like for instance, if you learn Danish and Spanish at the same time, you can enhance your prospects of employment. With the large number of companies that are doing business globally, they hire people who are multilingual. You can stand out in the crowd by knowing a second language.

REASON #2: Your brain gets a boost

When you speak a second language everyday, this keeps the doctor away. There have been too many studies which have demonstrated the few benefits of learning a new language, irrespective of your age. It increases your attention span, improves your memory and ability to remember things, reduces the risk of cognitive decline that happens over ages and keeps your brain active will you get old.

REASON #3: Sets up deep connections and kindles friendship through different cultures

At least once in your life, you must have felt bad about the fact that you couldn’t encounter with someone from a disparate culture. This is when you realise how your experience would be enriched when you knew the language of the other person. You have visited a food stall of a different place and not understood what he is telling you; these are few of the common situations when you wonder you knew another language.

REASON #4: You get a different perspective on your own culture

Are you still trying your best to know your own culture from within? Do you want to know the bigger picture? Among the people who enter your lives and teach you about your own culture’s truths, you can get a better opportunity to learn more and varied things about it. You will become more interesting yourself and this can be instilled into your near and dear ones. You can therefore earn a disparate thing regarding your own culture.

So, what reason are you waiting for? Everyone has their own set of unique reasons to learn a new language and although the reasons might be different from one another, they can push you into action in a similar way. Hence, stop making excuses and begin to learn a new language as soon as possible.