At present, there is a craze of writing blog on the internet. It is not just meant for professional front, but also to give wings to your creativity side. If you love to share your creativity with others, and want to earn some money as an added bonus, then it is mandatory for you to get along with proper ways to start your blog. Writing a blog for your school papers and one for the company is a completely new ball game. And there are millions of other bloggers, trying to focus on the same niche, you follow. So, you need to be aware of those points, which will help you to stand out in the crowd, and offer comprehensive help.

  • Start with the basic point:

Are you new in this field of blogging? If so, then you might come across so many challenges. You just have a vague idea in mind that you want to start a blog. But, is it that easy? Well, it can be, when you are aware of the steps. And to help you in this front, you have to start with the basic point. Start working on the niche, which you want to follow.

Are you planning to write about changing fashion or want to dedicate a blog on dogs? Are you planning to talk about food or want to share your ideas on favorite holiday trips? Think about the niche first, before you start implementing your idea. You need to choose a niche, which will never run out of fashion. Do not choose anything static, and try looking for the flexible ones.

  • Differentiate your blogs from marketing:

Most of the blogs in the internet are used for affiliate marketing. Once the readers go through the blogs, they will know that something has been promoted. It is a basic niche, and must be avoided, if you want to work in your unique manner. Stop promoting staffs and right originally from the core of your heart. You are here to share your own experience, and not work on behalf of any brand name.

Give honest reviews, as that’s what people are looking for. They might have seen some testimonials, but not all are quite convincing. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to write your honest views. Do not forget to make PS notes, at the end of your blogs.

  • Attractive tone is a must:

No one is interested to read your mundane blogs. And as there are multiple other bloggers out there, so it won’t be long for them to switch to a new favorite writer instantly. To prevent this situation from taking place, you have to work on the best attractive tone in your blogs. Your blogs must relate to the real life situation. If so, then people will be able to relate to it more.

And a strong introduction is what you need to add in your blog. If not, then your blog is entirely out of question. Recent researches have indicated that people take a maximum of 5 seconds to browse through a blog. If they like what they see, they will read it through. And if not, then they will jump to the second name in the list. So, keep this in mind.

  • Set up your time:

You do not have all day to work on your blog. You have other chores to perform, and cannot dedicate your entire time on writing blogs. To be very honest, unless you are a pro writer, it’s hard to survive on the limited money you get from your blogs. So, looking for secondary job might be your cup of tea. So, pre-fix a time of the day, when you will start writing a blog.

And you must need a blog, which will start automatically without any need of installing plugins, WordPress or themes. So, make sure to check on these features from the first time onwards, to avoid problems later.

  • Blog hosting account:

Now, it is time for you to create a proper blog hosting account. And this is the platform, where your blog is going to get live. You can always make a smart choice by going for the full-service blog hosting platform. Here, the software is designed to manage all your technical stuff, so that you can concentrate entirely on your write-up. And with incredible support from the team, around the clock, you do not have to look for any secondary option.

  • Try adding categories to blog:

Just to make your blogs even more promising, you can try adding some categories to it. And once you have gained that basic human traffic attracted, you can try working on sub-categories, under the major categories. That will give you more space to write some new blogs, and go into details of your present thoughts. You might even have to add categories and subcategories with tags, for some specified posts.

Check with experts:

It is always advisable to go and check with expert bloggers, before you try to start your blog to earn money. They are happy to share some of their thoughts with you. So, without further ado, just log online and start your blogging venture.

Author Bio: Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at seocompanyexperts. A leading digital marketing firm in india with an ethical approach to digital marketing.He loves to share thoughts on social media marketing,SEO,SEM etc.