In today’s digital business world, the majority of transactions happen digitally. Digital identities are the primary way consumers interact with your brand and the digital identities with which you do business are valuable assets. Being connected is becoming ubiquitous and that means users’ identities now live in the cloud. Covisint manages the identity of people and systems and enables businesses to securely manage the identities within their enterprise ecosystem.

Covisint’s Cloud Platform Provides Secure Connectivity

For over 15 years, Covisint has been handling identity and access management. The Covisint platform provides the secure connectivity and innovation that enterprises have entrusted for their business needs. Covisint’s powerful IdM capabilities and fully featured set of API’s are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of enterprises and their growing network of external users.

By harnessing the benefits of Covisint’s cloud platform, information is always available, and always secure. For example, Royal Dutch Shell looked to the Covisint platform when they needed a solution to manage the identities of their partners. Leveraging the Covisint platform freed Shell from the need to support an in-house system, while at the same time providing a more user-friendly experience for onboarding new partners. Shell upgraded their identity and access management capabilities which improved the quality of their interactions with their partners.