While it may seem to be a step too far, no one ever complained at having a good home security system when something bad happens.  Sales of wireless surveillance cameras have soared in the past few years, and for good reason.  Here are 10 examples of why you should consider installing wireless monitoring cameras in your home.

You can keep an Eye on your Home from Work or from the Airport.

Going to be away from home for an extended period of time?  Or just working late and want to keep an eye on things?  Wireless cameras offer you that option.  You can even use them to monitor your children if you’re locked away in your home office trying to get work done.


Just having Cameras Installed can put off Potential unwanted Houseguests.

Thieves and criminals don’t like difficult targets, despite what the Hollywood blockbusters would want you to think.  If you’re the only house on the block with cameras, you drop down the priority list for burglars.

Wireless Cameras can also be useful in a Medical Emergency.

Surveillance is not just to thwart off criminals – what about if there is a medical emergency?  If you have someone elderly or disabled staying or living in your home, cameras can help you keep tabs on the situation and call for help if necessary.

You can Monitor activity of Contractors, like Cleaners or Plumbers.

Suspect your maid is stealing from you, or worried that your babysitter is eating you out of house and home?  A good home security system with cameras can help you keep an eye out.

Your Insurance Company may not Like your Cameras, but you will.

Some insurance companies like surveillance cameras and will give you a lower premium if you happen to live in a high crime area.  But some insurance companies don’t like them – because if you have a claim, footage from a camera can help you file!  This is especially useful for natural disasters, like if a tree flew through the window in a windstorm.  Be sure to ask your insurance if a discount is available.

A Robust Security System can ensure help Arrives more Quickly.

Most systems that have wireless surveillance cameras installed also have options for monitoring other potential situations, such as fire, broken glass, carbon monoxide, etc.  If your package allows, setup the system to automatically alert the authorities when a problem is detected.

Have Peace of Mind in the Event of a “Home Invasion.”

There is a reason why the term ‘home invasion’ sounds awful – that’s because it is!  More and more, homeowners are being victimized while they are in their own home.  A surveillance system makes it much more unlikely that a burglar will want to enter your home, since the threat of being caught is increased.

Your Pets can’t Outsmart a Surveillance Camera.

Your pets probably think they are smarter than you, sneaking around obstacles while you are gone and causing mischief in your home while they have the place to themselves. But even the smartest dog or genius cat can’t outwit a wireless surveillance camera.

Surveillance can Monitor your Home both Inside and Out.

Do you not have a garage?  You can setup your wireless surveillance cameras to keep an eye on your driveway or street parking, where your vehicle can be left quite vulnerable to break-ins.

Nothing is Better than Peace of Mind.

When it comes to a loved one or your most valued belongings, nothing is better than peace of mind.  That alone is enough reason to invest in the proper security for your home.

This was a guest post by ADT Security. Learn more about home security with ADT and protect your home today.