Alarm monitoring used to involve an alarm in a customer property communicating to a security business via telephone dial up. However, there is a mounting catalogue of cloud-based IP alarm monitoring service businesses and the established alarm monitoring companies increasingly have to adapt to new technology in an ever more internet connected world.

New Technology

The internet means that worldwide connectivity is accepted as normal and alarm manufacturers are opting for IP/GPRS equipment. Data messaging through SMS has become a major global communication platform and mobile phones are the way of all communication with smart phones connecting directly to servers. With a cloud package the alarm signals go directly from the client’s equipment panel to a server via IP addressing, with no hardware interface at any other site required. The service offers various operational options with locally based security operators in the area covering live signal response and data updates via an internet link with secure log-in.

Are Alarms Monitoring Systems Moving into the Cloud

Clients will be more familiar with the standard monitoring notion where an operative acts on instructions lodged by the client such as a phone call to a scheduled client staff member if an alarm has not been deactivated by the required time. The most important difference between this type of traditional system and a cloud based provision is the automatic procedure of the cloud service, which has no live operator communication. Advice of unusual events such as alarms not being deactivated by the set time is issued automatically by data messaging to the nominated mobile phone or smart device.

The Benefit of Using the Cloud

Does a cloud based provision offer lower monitoring charges? Clearly the scaling ability of the cloud based platform with automatic procedures could represent a considerable overheads saving. The future result will be reduced end user costs similar in price to an alarm only service but with the features of a fully monitored system. As cloud based security businesses gain market share end users can look forward to paying much less for full monitoring services.

Whilst end users will definitely benefit from the improvements taking place in the alarm monitoring industry they must still take into account, no matter what type of technology monitors the system, the success of the end result depends on the teams on the ground. There is a huge benefit to employing locally based guard or patrol businesses who, due to cloud based monitoring services, can now offer alarm monitoring and response services at the same level as the bigger companies.

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