Cannes is an extremely busy place and if you thought that he International Film Festival was all that the city had to offer, be prepared to be amazed because Cannes is a city with a stunning range of activities and festivals on offer virtually all year round. Cannes is a massive tourist destination, packed with glorious beaches, stunning restaurants, a fantastic climate and the opportunity to relax and forget about the cares of everyday life.

For these reasons alone, people would always find a great number of reasons to flock to Cannes, but when you think about the amount of events that take place in the French Riviera across the course of a year, you will start to take in how popular a destination Cannes really is.

When you look at the Congress Calendar in Cannes, it is only natural for you to think about where you are going to stay. Given that many of these events and festivals are annual events welcoming the same companies and individuals back to the city time and time again, there will be people who book up their next stay when their time in the city comes to a close for one year.

This means that unless you are lucky or booking well in advance, you may find that your options are limited when it comes to finding great quality accommodation in Cannes.

This can be a depressing thought but it is important to remember that there are more than just hotels on offer in Cannes, there are plenty of rental accommodation options on offer in the city. If you haven’t given rental accommodation in Cannes any thought or consideration, it is probably time that you do because this style of accommodation could provide you with the ideal solution to any accommodation problems you may have in trying to find a place a stay.

Congress Calendar In Cannes

Keep your team together in Cannes

Renting an apartment for your time in Cannes, particularly in you are in the area for a festival or major event, makes perfect sense. The fact that there is a flat fee attached to the cost of renting an apartment in Cannes will ensure that you get far better return for your money in booking this accommodation for your travelling party.

You will also find that a rented apartment will provide the perfect place for your team to congregate and plan your presentations and business approach when it comes to the event you are attending. Being fully prepared is essential when it comes to making the best impression and at these events; you only have a very limited period of time to make a positive impression.

This means you should be looking to be as prepared as you possibly can, and having your entire time in the same place at the same time will offer you an improved chance of ensuring everyone is focused on the big event.

The general calendar for major events in Cannes in 2015 can be found below:

February and March 2015

Festival International des Jeux:  The International Games Festival

March 2015

MIPIM:  A global property market festivals

Salon IT Meeting:  Focusing on cloud computing, telecoms, network and mobility

Heavent Meetings Sud:  A trade show for the business and event tourism industry

April 2015

Shopping Festival

MIPTV: Digital content and audiovisual festival

May 2015

Festival de Cannes:  The world famous Cannes International Film Festival

June 2015

MIDEM:  An event for the world music market

Cannes Lions:  A festival for international advertising

IDEF:  A festival for interactive and digital entertainment

September 2015

Cannes Yachting Festival:  The boat and yacht show in Cannes

Régates Royales:  The Classic Yachts Challenge

October 2015

Tax Free World:  An exhibition for tax free retailers

November 2015

Mare di Moda:  An underwear and beachwear collection show

MAIPC: An event for the international real estate market

No matter the time of year you are heading to Cannes, you will find that this is a city that is in high demand. You want to make sure that you find accommodation that is right for your needs and which can be of great benefit to how you perform at the event. Renting an apartment is likely to be a great way for you to find value for money while also ensuring that you focus on the main tasks at hand.

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