See our travel experience, for a different destination or certain events that occur on site upon arrival at the country, many of us will always fall into certain mistakes just learning or who, for some reason, we always end up repeating, although the first case normally the most common.

That is why before choosing destination or take off, it will be good to be proactive and avoid these 6 worst decisions you can make in one trip.

Arrive at Night to an unknown Destination

When we have to travel to an unknown destination until then, and especially considerably different from ours, arrive at night it is the worst thing we can do. Jet lag, tiredness, shops and businesses closed, buses do not return until sunrise and some locals who seem to have perfected a sixth sense to detect lost and helpless tourists, the worst scenario!

Always Stay in an All-inclusive Resort

Not only staying in a resort you limit your chances of learning more about a particular destination, but when you want to realize it must remain in the same complex if you do not want to waste the money invested. If we add a couple routine transfer to a large concrete block with swimming pool and palm the thing does not help.

Ask for Directions in a Dangerous Area

Every city has a rough area in which sometimes there is also a tourist attraction. At other times, the pursuit of a given circuit can lead us to those old streets in which each of the men leaning in corners watching us intently; yes, we are too appetizing candy.

Carrying Too Much Luggage

On trips syndrome exists “if …”, a hobby that allow us to coin and which refers to all those travellers who put clothes in the suitcase every season if it rains, it’s sunny or hail falls while , carrying diving equipment for use only once or several boats loaded with cosmetics that are caught as they pass through the airport control.

Drinking Tap Water

Even when we travel to a town 3 hours drive from our own water intake gives us a slight discomfort due to a composition it varies from place to place and that our intelligent organism detected instantly. If an even more distant country we consume tap water, your stomach may experience serious problems, especially if we carry out “tasting” during the first day.

Do not use the Internet

Many tourists have been returning to their homes has proven a phone bill that exceeds his imagination. The reason? The use of mobile phone data in a foreign country in which the charges are always higher than in your country and where the hotel’s wifi could have been your greatest ally when it comes to avoid paying nearly 600 dollars invoice when you could have spent … 25?

These 6 worst decisions we can take during a trip will help us to do better things for our next journey. No one is born taught and no destination is equal to another, so if we were in time to make you see certain realities that should take place we will be more than satisfied. Use common sense and, once applied, get ready to enjoy the ride of your life.