Most of the boat owners prefer to install teak flooring for boats because that is supposed to be ideal finish for the flooring. Boat builders and woodworkers, who work together, have been agreeing to this view for centuries. It is really nice to see teak wood finish on the flooring of a boat and if following points are taken care of then the work of giving wooden finish will be much simpler.

Why Every Owner Of A Boat Prefers Teak Flooring?

Install the Wooden Part in a Proper Way

If you want to get smooth finish on the wooden floor then it is important that all the wooden parts must be installed very carefully so that there is no gap between them. It should look like a single piece of wooden floor. The entire metal fastener like nails must be put in such a manner that it should give very smooth finish.

If you are using screws as fastener then make its head totally flush with the wooden surface. There should be no scope of water leaking through the joints and create stain mark on the floor of the boat. If you are using chemical adhesives then avoid using any metal fastener.

Sand and Clean the Wood

Before you give final finish to wooden surface it is necessary to sand it again and again so that it is easy to install. Make sure that there is no imperfection in the finish.

Give Proper Finish

If you are using teak wood then you can leave it unfinished though finished appearance may look much more appealing. Therefore, choose the right finish as per the type of wood chosen for the floor. In order to maintain its finish, you must regularly clean the surface with liquid soap. While cleaning you must rub the surface with grain.

If you prefer to have unfinished wooden surfaces then you never need to refinish it provided it has been installed properly.

Use of Oil and Varnishes

In order to give proper finish to the floor surface, you have to choose right kind of oil and varnishes. The ratio of oil and varnish will decide the type of finish that you are interested to give. You may need to apply multiple coats of varnishes in order to get the desired finish.

Burma Teak

Burma teak is considered to be one of the best teak woods of the world. Its quality, hardness and texture are considered to be the best as they are maintained with high professional management. For the purpose of boat flooring Burma teak is the ideal choice. However, teak wood from any other plantation can also be used for the flooring purpose.

There is a considerable price difference between Burma teak and teakwood obtained from various other sources. Some of the yacht builders often try to replace teak with oak, ash, maple, mahogany or cherry. However, every boat owner wants to go for Burma teak only as most of their customers demand the same. Therefore, Burma teak is an integral part of shipbuilding.