E CigaretteIf you want to continue smoking devoid of the drawbacks and harmful side effects of the normal smoking, there is a new invention that has hit the markets, you can try Starter Kit for E Cigarette. Technology is now offering you a way out of the dangerous results associated with tobacco intake. The e cigs (electronic cigarettes) have changed the entire industry, and many people are turning to them. These days, you can take pleasure in our favorite smoke and nicotine intake without having to worry about the negative things which are related to traditional tobacco intake such as cancer and lung problems.

E cig, what is it?

This is generally a batter powered gadget that offers inhaled dosage of nicotine through a steam like solution. It is normally the best option from taking in actual tobacco products, which include cigars, pipes, etc. these devices are high quality and are manufactured using advanced technology thus making them safe to utilized for every smoker.

Generally, the electronic cig tastes and looks like the traditional cigarette. However, it does not have the toxic ingredients which are damaging to the human body. These gadgets do not stimulate cough associated with smokers, thus, making them safe. E cigs smell will not stick on to your clothes; you will not have issues of teeth staining or bad breath after using. Electronic cigarettes have become very popular nowadays and are bringing a completely different experience to smokers and giving an alternative. These innovations have hit the market and are being bought worldwide.

How does the e cig function?

It comes with a rechargeable battery, atomizer, cartridge and LED cover. The purpose of the led is to produce the fire seen on real cigarettes thus offering genuine practicality to them. The reason for having the battery is to give energy to the atomizer and circuit which is created inside the battery box to minimize space. The work of atomizer is to heat it and turns the liquid substance into steam for inhaling. The cartridge works like a mouth piece and carries the nicotine and other types of flavors.

What constitutes a starter kit?

It contains customize five different tobacco tastes, latest electronic cigarette technology (equal to four hundred puffs), a chargeable battery and USB (universal series bus for either PC or laptop). In addition, it has a long-lasting storing case, socket charger, and a warranty.


  • The smoke and ash related to traditional tobacco are eliminated in the electronic cig.
  • You can virtually smoke it anywhere in bars, office, restaurants, and airports or even inside a plane without worrying it will set off the smoke detector.
  • It saves you a lot of money.
  • You will still enjoy the nicotine crave that makes you smoke the normal tobacco.


You may not know that real cigarettes hold about four thousand compounds and carcinogens. When lit, it produces over six thousand harmful elements; manufacturers of tobacco don’t tell you this. On the other hand, electronic cigarette will offer you the nicotine in water form and allows you to inhale the vapor. This will not have any health implication on you since it is safe. Therefore, switch to the new e cig and quit smoking.