For many years, fashion has taken over how we dress and select our clothes. We keep the looking good factor on the top. And the comfort remains the secondary factor. We have evolved so much in many years. We first simple clothes later it changed to something fancy. Every generation has brought with it a new set of clothes. Some remain only fashion and are driven away but some are so highly accepted that they live with us through generations.

People in different regions and areas like to dress up differently. For some people fashion is important , while for some it is important to remain comfortable. In this highly running environment we need clothes that are easy to walk in and work. A set of clothes that fulfill our wishes are sweat suits. But wearing sweat suits to office is considered unacceptable. For offices there is an unspoken way of dressing which does not include sweat suits.

Sweat suits are a two piece of clothing with a trouser and an upper shirt. They are extremely flexible and can be worn to any occasion or gathering if only it is considered socially acceptable. We mostly wear clothes in office that make us look good and presentable. But to be real are we really comfortable in them? No, we are not and still we continue wearing them because of a code of conduct.

When home, we change ourselves in those clothes as fast as possible.That is because they provide us extreme comfort and sense of ease. In sweat suits we can do all our chores as well as move around freely.

For some people, clothes are a symbol of self respect. Clothes help us creating a first impression of a person. They are a parameter through which we look inside the heart and soul of a person. Clothes are a refection of whom we want to interpret to the world who we are. A strong and bold clothes reflects our attitude towards life and work. Whereas a careless clothing will direct a person as lousy and lazy. Whereas confident and pride should come from within rather than provided by clothes. Our thoughts and beliefs should be a reflection to our forward thinking.

Comfort Over Fashion : Team Sweat Suits

Still we are ready to go through discomfort everyday. Sweat suits are easy to wear and easily available in the market. They are also not very expensive. They can be bought buy any pocket and work for many years. They do not get harmed by over use because they are made that way. Like our fashionable clothes which are expensive, they are very cheap. They are also available in various colors and cloth.You can buy any material of cloth that suits your skin.

If one is ready to wear sweat suits for work , they will take over the market like burning fire. In comparison with our the high end fashion they are more comfortable.

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