We’ve seen so many celebrities go down the route of short hair. They’re chopping off their beautiful, long locks in order to sport a shorter style. It’s difficult to let go of their longer hair, so most girls wouldn’t ever thing to cut it all off. Finding the right hairstyle that fits the shape and frame of your face has proven to be difficult as well. However, it seems that there are girls out there who would snip their hair away without a second thought. But why is this becoming so popular?

Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Collins, Anne Hathaway… the list goes on and on! They’ve chopped it all off for the famous pixie cut. These women on their own have started the new trend that is short hair. But we continue to wonder why? Why would they ditch their luscious locks for shorter hair? Especially when it had been just as gorgeous before. Every individual woman is entirely different from another one, so it’s not easy to understand why anyone really does anything, especially when it comes to trying out these new hairstyles. Why do girls seem to be attracted to this length? There are several reasons that could lure a woman to this decision. Here are five of the most common.


When it comes to women, a lot is expected of them. They’re expected to look a certain way, and that includes what style of hair they decide to wear around. A shorter style is the perfect way to reject society’s version of what they see as gender specific. This proves that not only men are capable of making short hair look fabulous.


There are times, when what seems like is out of nowhere, a girl ill take the plunge and just chop off her locks as a way of coping with something that’s going on in their lives. Studies and research has shown that whenever a woman is going through a tough time or a breakup, they will cut their hair or do something as equally out of the norm for them to deal with the problem. It’s pretty difficult to get over someone after a breakup. But, psychologically speaking, their hair is the one thing that they’re able to control.


A lot of women have said that becoming a mother is one of the greatest excuses to get a shorter style. When a woman has a new baby, it’s not easy to find the time to keep up with how they look and that’s okay. It’s also because children are known to pull and rip out longer hair. Getting rid of long hair solves that problem pretty quick.


There comes a time in every person’s life when they feel the need to make a drastic change in their life. Some women change every day things, like what products they use or what kind of clothes they wear. And then there are those who change the style of their hair. Short hair is becoming increasingly popular among women and more of them want to try it out. It’s a great way to get a fresh start and redefine them.


Having celebrity short hairstyles require too much effort for some people. It takes several products and styling tools in order to keep it looking neat and beautiful. Not only does it take a tremendous amount of time, but also costs thousands of dollars over the years. Not only that, but longer hair is more prone to shedding, getting in food and clogging the shower drain. When it becomes hot during the summer months, it’s even more of a burden because of the heat and the weight of the hair on one’s neck and head. When it comes to a battle between long hair and short hair, more women agree that short hair is better based on these reasons alone.