When it comes to children’s parties, every parent’s aim is to create the perfect day for their little treasure and make fantastic memories that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. With that in mind, what could be more memorable than turning your home into a petting zoo for the day?

Hire Animals from A Trusted Company For Kids' Birthday Parties

Why you should consider Hiring Animals for a Party

There are so many reasons to consider hiring animals for a birthday party. Not only will the addition of some furry friends light up your children’s faces, but they will also learn a lot from this magical experience.

Different hire companies across the country feature different animals. For example, companies that hire animals for parties in Essex may focus on exotic creatures, while a similar business in Yorkshire may have more of a farmyard feel.

However, no matter what kind of animals you bring to your party, your kids are bound to learn lots about each species. From their natural habitat to their eating habits and unique traits, experienced animal handlers will be able to bring each animal’s character to life. Kids will also be invited to indulge their curiosity and ask animal experts about the world’s diverse wildlife.

After listening for a while, the youngsters will then be able to meet the creatures themselves. While fully supervised, kids can hold, touch and stroke a variety of critters, from scaly snakes to fluffy rabbits, providing a unique sensory experience.

What can I expect from My Party Animals?

Party packages usually include an engaging talk from the animal’s handlers, followed by a Q&A session. After that, kids can often take pictures with a range of creatures and enjoy hands-on interaction. While packages will differ, on the deluxe end of the scale, some providers also offer feeding demonstrations, personalised invitations and a special photobook of the occasion.

But is it safe?

Most animal party and encounter providers, such as Zoo 4 You, who hire animals for parties in Essex, have rigorous safety procedures in place.

When deciding on which company to go with, it’s best to look for those with a Performing Animal License, which gives them permission to keep the animals and use them in performance. A DEFRA transportation license is also important, as this permits the company to move the animals around safely and comfortably.

Animal party businesses work hard to ensure a safe environment. However, while it’s extremely unlikely any of your guests will be harmed, animal handlers and staff are also most likely to be fully trained in first aid. On top of this, most legitimate animal experience companies will receive regular vet inspections and council inspections to ensure all animals are looked after properly.

So, if you’re bored of clowns and disco parties, why not hire a group of animals to engage, entertain, enthrall and educate your little ones? Animal parties are bound to provide your child with an exciting experience and memories to last a lifetime.