The spring and summer seasons are extremely popular times for weddings. From the cool spring air to the warm winds of summer, many opt to plan their special day within these months. As always, it’s important to plan dress selection with regard to the weather, especially when choosing what your bridesmaids will have to wear. However, you definitely do not want to disregard current styles and trends either.

With the spring and summer seasons quickly approaching for 2017, it’s time to know what’s in style. This way, you can make the perfect dress choice for your beloved bridesmaids.

How to Choose Appropriate Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring & Summer

Choose your neckline and sleeves wisely.

It’s important to consider the weather when choosing what your bridesmaids will wear. After all, you will want to avoid sweat and over-heating on your special day. Stylists recommend going sleeveless for this year’s spring and summer weddings.

A really popular neckline for 2017 is the halter line. The halter neckline allows for a very classy look, and often suits various body types. Mesh halters are also very popular this season as well. If halters are not your thing, don’t worry! Cut-out shoulders are very much in demand this year, and will make your bridesmaids dresses quite unique. This style is particularly great for a beach wedding, should you be so lucky to have one!

Choose colours that match the season.

When planning your bridesmaids’ dresses, it’s important to choose a colour that will uniquely reflect the season in which you are getting married in. While many colours are ultimately timeless, there are a few hot colours for the 2017 spring and summer seasons. Rose pink is in great demand this year. Its elegant style will match the blooming flowers of spring, creating a perfect harmony of style and season. More great springtime colours which are bound to make a visual splash are sea-foam green, light blue and lavender.

For the summer seasons, going bold and bright is really in this year. Stylists highly recommend putting your bridesmaids in coral or turquoise. These rich, beautiful colours will add to the fun vibe of a summertime wedding, and will also look great on camera! These colours pop particularly well during an outdoor wedding, be it on a sandy beach or in green fields.

For added uniqueness, don’t forget that intricate patterns are back in style for the spring and summer seasons. Subtle florals are highly recommended when choosing patterned bridesmaids dresses.

Choose the right length.

Yet again, it’s important to consider both style and weather when choosing dresses for your bridesmaids. Style trends for the spring and summer wedding seasons suggest that pencil and swing dresses are in style for 2017. These will give your bridesmaids some added comfort in the warmer weather, all while looking dazzling in the process. For an edgier look, skater style dresses are making their way into the wedding market. These are sure to impress, and they are weather appropriate as well! If long dresses are a deal breaker, be sure to choose a light, breathable fabric. This will not only look better in the warmer weather, but will feel better as well.

With so many fabulous style options to choose from, it is easy to get lost in all of the details. However, following the summer and spring style trends of 2017 will keep you on the right track to finding the perfect dresses for your wedding party. Your lovely bridesmaids are sure to dazzle in their gorgeous, new on trend dresses!