There are plenty of traditional options for wedding decor–flowers, flower arrangements, bouquets, and flower centerpieces–okay, well, there are plenty of options, but they’re mostly flower-related. And while big bundles of blossoms are fine and dandy for a traditional wedding, they might not suit a rustic reception or a chic ceremony. If you think about it, wedding decor is what you make of it. So think outside the florist’s shop with these suggestions for unconventional decorations.

Unconventional Wedding Décor

Chandeliers for Outdoor Weddings

There’s something cool about the contrast between a naturally rustic outdoor setting and the luxury of a chandelier. Your wedding decorator should be able to help get power run through the trees so you can set up the lights, and you can find light fixtures at your local thrift and ReHome stores to pull the look off. It looks great during the day, and when they light up at night, they’ll give your outdoor wedding a cozy indoor feel.

Old Fireplace Mantel as an Altar

This one seems so crazy specific that you might imagine it’s only been tried once. Surely there can’t be a trend for using an old fireplace mantel as an altar, right? As you can see from the previous link, though, it’s rapidly becoming a trend. The fireplace mantel altar works in different venues depending on the mantel; it can be rustic or sleek, antique or modern, unobtrusive or a showpiece. It’s not an idea that would occur to most people, but it’s a cool focal point for your ceremony.

Vintage Lantern Centerpieces

For a rustic ceremony, replace the frilly bouquet centerpieces with something a little more suited to your theme. Vintage camping lanterns on each table provide ambiance before the lights go dim, and then a warm glow throughout the reception. Add some artfully arranged twigs and pinecones for a woodsy, autumnal feel. Best of all, your guests will be able to use the lanterns to light their sparklers when the right time has come.

Erlenmeyer Flasks

For a nerdy wedding, or one with a science theme, consider the decoration possibilities in glassware from your local chemistry lab. Experiment with colored water in Erlenmeyer flasks and test tubes, with a pop of color from a flower or two to set the whole thing off. It’ll make a wholly unconventional, one-of-a-kind decoration.

Candy Centerpieces

You can get all the bright colors and beauty of flowers with a sweet twist with these candy centerpieces. Give your guests something to look at, talk about, and ultimately snack on for a sugar rush late in the reception. You can either go for candy themed around your wedding colors, or do something seasonal.  Think Marshmallow Peeps for Easter, candy canes for Christmas, or a gleaming red white and blue rock candy bouquet for July.

It can be challenging to bring your wedding theme and your personal tastes into your wedding decor. But when you think beyond floral arrangements, there are plenty of options for interesting, eye-catching decorations. So hit up your local thrift store, pawn shops, and antique stores to get inspired. Then make your wedding decorations unconventional, beautiful, and unexpected.